Celebrity AGA Owners

Catching Up With Mary Berry

At home with Mary Berry

Mary Berry opens her newly published autobiography, Recipe for Life, with the revelation that “in the words of my father, my birth caused no end of trouble”. We soon learn that this was because she arrived two weeks early and on the very day her parents were due to move house. Having known Mary for more than 15 years, I suspect this was probably the first and last time in her 78 years that she caused any trouble for anyone.

Mitch Tonks Tells Us Why He's Passionate About AGA Cooking

Chef Mitch Tonks

Award-winning food writer, restaurateur and fishmonger Mitch Tonks is synonymous with all that’s good about seafood. We asked the author of ‘The AGA Seafood Cookbook’ why he’s passionate about AGA cooking:  

I love the simplicity of the AGA – you just bung a dish in and leave it and the AGA works its magic, leaving you with food that always tastes great.

Gerard Depardieu Shows Us His Gorgeous Kitchen

Gerard Depardieu Shows us his Parisian Home

Acclaimed actor Gérard Depardieu has transformed a former theatre in Paris into a home that reflects his larger-than-life personality. It is at once a workshop, museum, kitchen and dining room and the focal point is a black 4-oven AGA cooker with an Integrated Module, which sits next to a large solid wood and cast iron bench, shaped by sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s own hands.