AGA and Renewable Energy


Since AGA began making all-electric cookers, we’ve often been asked whether an AGA cooker can be powered by solar panels. At a time when we’re all trying to rely more on renewables, the answer for many is a resounding yes. Alongside reduced costs, energy independence is also high on the agenda. 

Here, we talk to homeowners who use solar electricity generation alongside their AGA cookers to find out what they think. 

Karen Mapp standing in front of AGA
Karen Mapp

Karen Mapp lives in a four-bedroom house in Wellington in Shropshire and has had an AGA eR7 for three years. The family home has 12 solar panels fitted 10 years ago. Energy generated but not used goes back to the grid and Karen is paid for it. 

In the six months from January to June of this year the Mapps’ electricity bill was £549, with £191 received back from the grid. Karen expects to receive more during months when there is stronger sunshine. 

Karen Mapp - Solar Panels on roof

“My husband had been looking into getting solar panels for ages,” she says.

“We got a really good deal – not just on the panels, which were around £7,000 – but also on the rate we get back from the grid.

The pros of solar panels for me are obvious. It’s saving me a lot of money on electricity, particularly in good weather, and I’m getting money back for what I’m generating.” 

Taylor Howes - Andrew Howes Case Study
Andrew Howes

When Andrew Howes and his family built their family home from scratch, they were keen to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. They opted for an electric AGA eR7 Series. Another of the innovative features they included was a Tesla battery that also provides power to the cooker. 

“Electricity costs are high,” says Andrew. 


Tesla Battery on the wall

Andrew calculates that between 30% and 50% of the energy used to power the AGA cooker is from the solar panels. 

“I love the durability the AGA has and the sustainability of renewables,” Andrew says.

“It’s hard to say how much we save on electricity bills as it’s early days, but it could be around £4,000 a year. It’s not just about money though – like a lot of people we’re looking to live more cleanly and greenly, so it’s a great solution.” 

Solar Panels
Can you run an AGA on solar panels?

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