Novy Induction Hobs

We are delighted to supply premium induction hobs from Novy, our sister company and part of the international Middleby group, a global leader in commercial and residential catering equipment. 

Novy Easy Vented Induction Hob
Why Novy Induction Hobs?

Novy hobs are inspired by the trend for open plan living and the need to optimise your kitchen space by making full use of surfaces. Their induction hobs offer control, refinement and freedom.

Every kitchen and cook is different, which is why Novy offers a range of different induction hobs to suit the way that you want to cook. From vented induction hobs with specialised extraction systems, to high-tech induction hobs that allow you to control your cooker hood at the touch of a button. 

In addition, you can also choose from specially designed options for teppanyaki and wok cooking.

Novy Panorama Pro Vented Induction Hob

What is a Novy vented induction hob? 

A state-of-the-art Novy induction hob combined with a worktop extraction system which rises to capture fumes immediately at the source, and is concealed back within the surface after use, for a unique cooking experience without disturbing the visual elements of your kitchen.

The specialised ventilation tower rises from the induction hob, capturing odours and fumes directly as they rise. Options for extraction include extraction to the outside or recirculation with the addition of a recirculation box. 

Novy One Vented Induction Hob

Features and benefits of a Novy vented induction hob

  • Stylish and elegant design that maximises premium kitchen space
  • Useful induction functions and specially shaped induction zones
  • Automatic or manual bridge function of two cooking zones
  • Tower exhaust system offers optimal extraction directly at the height of your pots and pans (excluding the Novy Easy)
  • Quiet and effective extraction without the need for a cooker hood 
Novy Pro Induction Hob

What is a Novy induction hob?

Induction cooking is quickly becoming one of the favourite ways to cook, probably because induction hobs are easy to use, fast and super-efficient. 

Novy offers a range of luxury induction hobs designed with ease of use in mind and created with the very latest technology, resulting in a professional cooking experience in the comfort of your own home.

Novy Induction hob

Features and benefits of a Novy induction hob

  • Wireless design 
  • Automatic pot detection to get you cooking quickly 
  • Range of installation options including surface mounted to your existing worktop or flush-mounted for a seamless finish
  • Control at your fingertips thanks to innovative slider and touch control
  • InTouch technology (available with selected induction hobs) that enables you to operate your Novy cooker hood directly from your Novy induction hob
Novy Teppanyaki Plate

What are Novy teppanyaki and wok plates? 

Ideal for those who love Asian cooking, Novy offers induction hobs which have been created specifically for teppanyaki or wok cooking. 

These cooktop surfaces create a bespoke design for your kitchen and reflect the way that you like to cook, eat and live.

Novy Wok Plate

Features and benefits of Novy teppanyaki and wok plates

  • Create your own ideal cooking setting
  • Surface and flush installation available 
  • Easy to use slider control 
  • Keep warm function
Novy Panorama Pro Vented Induction Hob

Which Novy induction hob is right for me?

Each Novy induction hob offers something different, so you are sure to find the right option for your kitchen and the way that you like to cook.

If you’re thinking about adding an induction hob but want minimal disruption to the aesthetic of your kitchen, a vented induction hob is the perfect solution. 

If you’re looking for an induction hob to use in conjunction with a cooker hood, there are a number of options from two-zone induction hobs to advanced models offering up to five cooking zones.

If you are passionate about Asian cooking, a Novy teppanyaki plate or wok plate would be ideal for you.