Rayburn Stratus Fire Suites and Electric Fires

There are few things as relaxing and evocative as watching a real fire flicker away. The mix of cosy warmth and beautiful flames guarantees to make even the chilliest of
days snug and comfortable. Offering the ultimate flame picture combined with controllable heat, a Rayburn Stratus fire gives both the look and cosiness you’d expect along with ease and efficiency.

No flue or chimney required and just a 13 amp supply means these fires are easy to install anywhere in your home. Each model offers a heat output of 1.9kW and is A rated for energy efficiency. 

Rayburn stratus slim roomset
Beautiful Design

The new collection of Rayburn Stratus electric fires have been beautifully designed to emulate the cosiness you'd expect from a real fire.

Offering full controllability, with the use of a remote control, you can change the flame picture using varying flame patterns and colours, the heat output to your room and even adjust the colours of the top lights to create a warm ambience in your home. 

There are four different fire designs to choose from and you have the option of adding a Rayburn Stratus Fire Suite. Our stylish fire suites are available in three chic designs to fit all variations of the fire and suit every home. 

Lady relaxing by Rayburn Stratus Fire Suite
A choice of styles and sizes

There are four designs and various sizes available in the Rayburn Stratus electric fires collection:

Extra Slim is available in three sizes perfect for smaller spaces. Choose from width of 75cm, 100cm or 125cm. The Slim range offers a deeper fire bed than the extra slim models and comes in two convenient width sizes of 100cm or 125cm.

Alternatively, you can choose the Extra Tall or Tru View Fires with increased height and surface area to create a beautiful realistic flame effect with a great aesthetic appeal. 

The Extra Tall comes in a 100cm and 125cm width and features an 11 piece log set to create a truly unique fire bed. The flexibility of the Tru View range means they can be installed to offer a three sided or two sided or even single sided flame picture and come in 2 sizes.  


Dog sleeping in front of Rayburn Stratus Fire in contemporary living room
Rayburn Fire Suites

Whatever style and size of Stratus electric fire you choose, you can now team it with our stylish, easy to install fire suites which are available in three designs. 

Choose from our Extra Slim & Slim suite, Extra Tall suite or our Tru-View fire suite to accompany any of the Stratus fire range. They need no building work and you don’t need a chimney or recess. They’re perfect for spaces where there are building restrictions and allow you to enjoy the welcoming appeal of a fire wherever you live.

The Rayburn Stratus Fire Suites are manufactured from MDF, can be painted any colour you choose and are delivered as one piece to your home. 

Easy to Install

Our range of Rayburn Stratus electric fires are so easy to install. With no flue or chimney required and running on just a 13 amp supply means you can enjoy the warmth and look of a fire with no building work necessary. 

Delivered in one package, our range of Rayburn Stratus fire suites are simple to assemble.

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