About The Brand

At AGA it is our aim to make life good through thoughtful design.

We create and curate products that offer tangible solutions to help people live their best lives. Put simply, everything we make is designed to make things easier, more efficient and better all round.  We take honest, hardworking materials and engineer them into relevant products that look great and perform brilliantly. In a world built for obsolescence, AGA is a constant.  Built for life and built to last.

AGA eR3 hob top featuring 3-zone induction hob
Thoughtfully created and responsibly built

We know how much traffic a kitchen sees, how many meals a cooker cooks, and how someone is always in the way just when you get to the tricky bit.  We understand that form follows function, so solve problems through the use of relevant materials to create products that work hard and are a joy to use.  

AGA products are thoughtfully created and responsibly built, making the most from the least and using nothing unnecessarily.

AGA eR7 capacitance touch-screen control panel
Progressively modern with traditional values

It is our intention to ensure everything we produce is responsibly made, intuitive to use and works as hard as you do. We aspire to create and curate beautiful, tactile, products that delight and inspire.

We are – and always have been – progressively modern with traditional values. Our attitude to design and functionality is fresh, current and builds on a century of history.