AGA Dual Control

With the AGA Dual Control, the ovens are always on, but the hotplates can be turned on and off individually as you need them, reducing heat output into your kitchen as well as saving on energy and fuel bills whilst also allowing you to enjoy the unique AGA warmth all day long.

The AGA Dual Control is a 24/7 Radiant Heat model which is ideal for those who work from home, live in a draughty house or simply crave the unique warmth of a house with an AGA.

AGA Dual Control 5-oven
Gentle Warmth

Just like a traditional AGA model, the cast-iron heat storage ovens of the AGA Dual Control are always available for use, ready to cook the moment you are and put gentle warmth in to the room, keeping the kitchen cosy.

The ovens are easy to control and you can make a reduction in the overall heat input into the room from the cooker when desired. The cast-iron roasting, baking and simmering heat storage ovens are heated by gas and the hotplates are electric. On the 5-oven models the additional ovens are electric. 

AGA Dual Control hotplate
Additional Flexibility

The hotplates of the AGA Dual Control are designed to be operated independently or simultaneously at the touch of a button and can be used even when the ovens are off, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

The boiling plate is large enough to hold three average sized saucepans at once, and the high heat setting is capable of bringing water to the boil faster than an electric kettle whereas the simmering plate has a far gentler heat, superb for cooking eggs or making sauces. 


The ovens of the AGA Dual Control
Variety of Cooking Capabilities

The AGA Dual Control features three cast-iron heat storage ovens that cook using radiant-heat to lock in the flavour, goodness and texture of food.

The roasting oven provides a high temperature, ideal for succulent roasts, crispy potatoes and grilling vegetables or meat. The baking oven provides a more moderate heat, similar to that of a baker's brick oven, for perfectly baked bread and cakes. There is also a simmering oven, perfect for long, slow cooking.

The five-oven AGA Dual Control also offers a slow cooking oven and a warming oven to provide optimal cooking flexibility.