Kamado Joe

The grilling community is on a constant quest for better. A better cut. A better cook. And of course, better fire. Kamado Joe is no different. We're never completely satisfied, so we're always stroking the embers - literally and figuratively. We're constantly driven by our passion for unmatched innovation and for unparalleled grilling experiences.

Kamado Joe ceramic charcoal barbeque
More Than a Way to Cook

The kamado cooker is rooted in ancient Asia, as this form of cooking is taken from a traditional Japanese-style grill. The basic principle of kamado cooking is the flow of air through the ceramic grill and out via its vented dome, with the thick ceramic walls of the grill retaining heat and imparting that smoky, rich flavour to meat, fish and vegetables. 

Kamado Joe is proud to draw on this traditional cooking style, modernising the grill and enhancing the cooking experience with unparalleled craftmanship, innovative accessories, and a range of flexible cooking surfaces.

And since our very first cook, we've known that a kamado is so much more than a grill, kamado cooking is a lifestyle.

Not Your Average Joe

Kamado Joe reinvigorates this ancient Asian cooking technique with a host of ground breaking features that take kamado cooking to the next level.

We have retained the original kamado technique, as air flows through the thick-walled ceramic body of the kamado, capturing rich clouds of smoke and evenly distributing heat, but from here, we have added unique features, resulting in a modern day marvel. 

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Kamado Joe Classic Joe III

Our Kamado Joe® CLASSIC JOE III offers a host of impressive features, making it our most advanced charcoal grill yet. Its thick ceramic walls work to lock in smoke and moisture at any temperature whilst an ultra-precise Kontrol Tower top vent maintains controlled air flow resulting in the perfect cooking environment every time. In addition, you can cook a variety of different food at different temperatures at the same time thanks to our 3-Tier Divide and Conquer® Cooking System.

Our newest innovation, the SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert, leverages patented Harvard science to transform the CLASSIC JOE III into one of the world's most optimal smokers. By increasing airflow speed and shifting internal pressure, the SlōRoller creates recirculating waves of heat and smoke, delivering the taste and texture only a kamado grill can create. 

With the inclusion of a weather-resistant wheeled steel cart, you can site the CLASSIC JOE III anywhere in your outdoor kitchen or garden and you can move it with ease.

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II

Introducing our most popular Kamado Joe model, the CLASSIC JOE II. This premium ceramic charcoal grill is element proof, offers a lifetime warranty on ceramic parts and comes with a cast iron wheeled cart so you can use it all year long, anywhere you like; this is a barbeque for life.

Offering innovative features for optimal cooking and ease of use, the CLASSIC JOE II includes the revolutionary 2-tier Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System which expands your cooking area and enables you to cook different food at their ideal temperatures all at the same time, so you can perfect a whole meal without leaving the grill. 

In addition, a large cooking surface crafted from grade 304 stainless steel is ideal for various ingredients and preparations and a handy Air Lift Hinge significantly reduces the weight of the heavy ceramic dome, so you can lift it with a finger and stop it wherever you want.

Kamado Joe's portable JOE JR™

The unique kamado cooking experience is transportable with our small but mighty JOE JR™. Weighing in at just 31kg, the JOE JR™ is ideal for small gardens or patios, camping adventures, picnics and more, the JOE JR™ can grill, roast, bake and smoke for upto 6-8 hours with just one load of charcoal.  

This ceramic charcoal grill features a 304 stainless steel cooking grate and a cast iron top vent for enhanced cooking control while a ceramic heat deflector plate allows you to experiment with indirect heat for more flexible cooking. 

Boasting 34cm of cooking space, the JOE JR™ is perfect for a meal for two, with ample space for dishes such as a full beer-can chicken and vegetables.

JoeTisserie rotisserie style accessory

To complement your Kamado Joe, there are a range of accessories to extend the cooking capability of your ceramic grill. Including the impressive JoeTisserie which transforms your barbeque in to a rotisserie oven whilst retaining the unique flavour only kamado cooking can create.

The JoeTisserie is easy to install and features quickly adjustable forks that can support upto 10kg of chicken, prime rib or pork shoulder. A quiet motor works to spin your choice of meat, harnessing the self-basting action of a rotisserie, while the distinctive wedge shape allows you to seal off the kamado dome for optimal heat retention, resulting in a succulent and even cook. 

The JoeTisserie fits the Kamado Joe® Classic models. 

Innovative Kamado Joe DōJoe pizza stone

Transform your barbeque in to a brilliant pizza oven with the innovative DōJoe.

Built-in supports ensure a precise, optimum distance between the Heat Deflectors and Pizza Stone, guaranteeing a perfect crust on the bottom, while the altered airflow traps heat in the dome above the pizza for crispy toppings, resulting in the perfect pizza. 

The design allows grillers to easily remove and insert pizzas without opening the dome, eliminating frustrating temperature fluctuations when cooking multiple pizzas. It also enables you to watch your pizza cooking, which is perfect for little helpers.   

Fits the Kamado Joe® Classic models