The AGA Difference

If you’ve ever owned an AGA, we don’t need to tell you how food tastes better. We don’t need to explain the unique warmth of an AGA kitchen. We don’t need to tell you how tactile an AGA cooker is. These are all things you tell us.  Perhaps, though, there are a few things you don’t know. For example, the AGA cooker has changed hugely over the last few years:

  • There are many sizes – the smallest is just 60cm wide.
  • Many AGA cookers now come with state-of-the-art induction hobs.
  • The vast majority of AGA cookers are now electric.


AGA Roasting oven with beef and roast potatoes
Radiant heat cooking

The AGA cooker uses radiant heat from the cast-iron heat storage ovens to create food that tastes fantastic and, because this method of cooking is so gentle, all the nutrients remain locked in. The AGA cooker is ultimately forgiving. Unlike with many cookers, if you leave something in just that bit too long, it won’t dry out and become inedible.

AGA cooking is intuitive. Each oven is designed to perform a certain function, such as roasting, baking or simmering. That means you don’t need to worry about setting exactly the right temperature; you simply use the oven appropriate for the dish you are cooking.

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Marcus Bean the chef in his kitchen
An AGA for every cook and every kitchen

We understand what matters: home, family, friends, good food and experiences. We get that life changes and that our homes have to work harder than they ever have before. It’s why we’ve created an AGA cooker for every stage of life. From first homes to forever homes. From frazzled commuters to homeworkers. From busy families to empty-nesters. There’s an AGA for every cook and every kitchen.

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