Reconditioned vs New

AGA cookers are designed to last for many years, decades in fact. It is because of this longevity and the superior craftsmanship which goes in to creating each AGA cooker that some people consider buying a used AGA instead of a new one. However, a new AGA cooker will offer greater flexibility, improved energy efficiency, lower running costs and new features, such as induction hobs, compared to buying a used, refurbished AGA or reconditioned AGA which may be full of pitfalls.

AGA eR7 capacitance touch-screen control panel
Advantages of buying a new AGA

You get exactly the product you want, purpose built. Our most recent AGA cooker models are electric and they offer:

  • Additional controllability and flexibility – resulting in lower running costs.
  • In-room venting which means that you do not need an external flue and can site anywhere in your kitchen.
  • Induction hob options.
  • Combination of cast-iron ovens and conventional fan oven (R3 & eR3 Series)
  • No regular servicing required, saving money on ongoing running costs versus a reconditioned AGA.
  • No concrete plinth required, saving money on pre-installation costs.
AGA 7 Series in Olivine
What Our Customers Say

"Having started my AGA experience in the 1950's when I watched my mother filling it with a coal product, to moving in to a house with an oil-fired AGA, to now have this clean, uncomplicated electric model is a dream! The food has always tasted as good in each model - there is no other cooker to compare."
Mrs H, North Yorkshire, AGA 60 with Hotplate

"I have cooked on a solid fuel AGA, and then oil fired since 1972. My new all electric model is wonderful."
Mrs M, Cambridgeshire, AGA R7 Series 150

"The AGA eR7 is a triumph! So easy to control, very quick to heat up any oven or hob and just so versatile. Like a conventional oven but with the good looks, build quality, comfort and cooking ability of an AGA. The whole family just loves this model."
Mr W, Rutland, AGA eR7 Series 100

black 3 oven AGA with dog and man reading a paper
Reconditioned AGA cookers

A reconditioned, or refurbished, AGA cooker means the major strip down and rebuild of an appliance. A reconditioned AGA may already be over 30 years old and made up of parts from different AGA cookers.

Drawing of the internal working of an AGA
Converted AGA cookers

When an AGA cooker is referred to as ‘converted’ it is generally meant that a fuel change has taken place, from solid fuel to oil, gas or even electricity. It’s rather like buying a 30 year old diesel car that started life as a petrol model.