AGA eR7 Series

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Models in the AGA eR7 Series collection are powered by electricity and have the iconic good looks you’d expect from an AGA cooker, but with enhanced controllability, providing full digital control for ovens and hotplates. The cast-iron ovens cook using radiant heat, meaning food tastes better and all the flavour, moisture and goodness is locked in.

The AGA eR7 Series range offers the lowest running costs for any heat-storage cast-iron range cooker,  as this cooker is fully programmable for the most efficient operation.

AGA eR7 Series 100 in White in Neptune kitchen
Range of Cooking Methods

AGA food tastes better because an AGA cooks better, using gentle heat to retain the food's flavour, texture and goodness. The heat radiates from the inner surfaces of the ovens, creating dedicated cooking zones. 

The all-electric AGA eR7 Series provides a cast-iron baking oven, roasting oven and simmering oven and the 150 model offers two additional steel ovens for slow cooking and warming. 

Two AGA hotplates, one for boiling and one for simmering, offer further versatility and can accommodate extra-large pans or may be used as a cooking surface. The five oven model provides enhanced flexibility with its extra ovens and offers the choice of either a warming plate or a state-of-the-art induction hob. 

Control panel on the AGA eR7
The Most Advanced Digital Control

The AGA eR7 100 ovens and hotplates are controlled by a state-of-the-art digital touch screen panel which enables you to switch ovens and hotplates on and off as required and control the temperatures of your roasting and baking ovens. 

This cooker is fully programmable for the most efficient operation, using the handset you can programme your ovens to turn on automatically on selected days and times so it's ready to cook the moment you are. 


Cast Iron ovens the AGA eR7
Optimal Oven Flexibility

The AGA eR7 100 achieves full digital temperature control when cooking a range of dishes, through the four settings in the baking oven and the five settings in the roasting oven, as well as the long, slow cooking in the simmering oven. 

The roasting oven has five pre-set cooking settings, R9, R8, R7, R6 and B4, which provide the flexibility to vary the oven temperature from very hot to moderate. The oven therefore can operate as a second baking oven. The R9 setting is ideal for fast grilling.

The baking oven has four pre-set cooking settings, which are B4, B3, B2 and B1, varying the temperature of the oven from moderate to cool. Cooking sweet and savoury simultaneously is not a problem in the ovens as the flavours do not mix. This oven may also be used as a second simmering oven. 

Detailed AGA design
Meticulous Design

Beautifully designed and built in the UK, the AGA eR7 Series collection offers those iconic AGA good looks and the highest level of attention to detail, featuring a branded handrail and AGA embossed oven doors.

The cast-iron ovens of the AGA eR7 Series range are covered with a special Altrashell™ coating, which seals the cast iron and makes them easier to clean. 

There's also a  new cooler-touch, stainless steel inner door liners on the roasting, baking and simmering ovens. This patented design creates a cooler outer door panel and allows for the inner door panels to be removed for cleaning. 

A Test Drive of the AGA eR7 Series

Learn more about the AGA eR7 Series range with our introductory video featuring AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako.

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