We are delighted to share the launch of a new-look AGA cooker in collaboration with Taylor Howes Design. Both brands creative teams have worked together to create this stunning cooker on the cusp the 100th birthday of the AGA.

Karen Howes in kitchen with Taylor Howes Blue and copper AGA cooker

Both much lauded in their respective fields, AGA and Taylor Howes Design have come together to launch a new-look AGA cooker.

It is rare for AGA to collaborate, so the Taylor Howes designed AGA is an especially exciting development.
The new-look cooker features the signature Taylor Howes navy blue colourway with the addition of copper-coloured hardware, offering a twist on the iconic AGA cooker.

Copper handrail and dome lid of Taylor Howes AGA

All AGA cookers are coated in multiple layers of hardwearing vitreous enamel to achieve the beautiful finish you'd expect, and, the AGA  X Taylor Howes collaboration cooker offers elegant tones of navy blue. 
A gorgeous, copper-colour metal is used on the hotplate lids, handrail and badge providing an elegant and contemporary aesthetic. It’s the first time this finish has been available commercially on an AGA cooker. Due to the nature of copper, in a few weeks, the finish will gain a tarnished patina.

Blue and copper AGA X Taylor Howes AGA in kitchen setting

The Taylor Howes x AGA collaboration cooker is available on AGA eR7 and R7 Series 100cm and 150cm models.

These premium 7 Series models offer a host of innovative features including cast-iron ovens with temperatures you can control, hotplates which can be switched on and off as you require and a special Altrashell™ coating which seals the surface of the ovens, making them easier to clean.

The AGA eR7 Series cooker, has ovens and hotplates that can be switched on and off as you need, meaning energy is not used unnecessarily.  The R7 Series is closer to the original AGA cooker which has ovens that are on all the time (with 4 temperature settings) ready to cook whenever you are and providing heat into your kitchen but with hotplates that can be switched on and off.

Karen Howes in her kitchen with blue AGA

Karen Howes is an award-winning interior designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the founder of, and Chief Executive of the Knightsbridge based interior design studio, Taylor Howes Designs.
Karen has challenged the way interior design is seen and practiced for nearly three decades, she is a passionate and active member of London’s design community and under her leadership, Karen’s cemented the reputation of the design studio as a Great British brand. The DNA of Taylor Howes is very much Karen’s own vision: a positive, approachable, and refreshing energy that has been refined over decades.
Karen is also the founder of Rest Nest, a charitable initiative dedicated to improving the working conditions and wellbeing of NHS nursing staff by improving and redecorating their on-ward staff rooms.

The Taylor Howes x AGA collaboration cooker starts from £18,480 and is available to order from all AGA specialists.

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