Welcome to a new AGA ERA. 

ERA is a mix of evolution and revolution. It’s where technology meets design and where
heritage meets modernity.

And it’s where glass is used extensively for the first time to create a striking, unified aesthetic
that is beautiful, contemporary and fits perfectly into a modern kitchen.

Made using considered premium materials and with engaging tactility, mindful detailing and
a design that is both discreet and striking, this exceptional, unexpected cooker has a natural
place in today’s kitchen.

AGA ERA - Lifestyle

Sharing food brings us together but we know cooking can be different things at different times. From the pragmatic act of making a quick weeknight dinner through to a meditative practice that helps us unwind, life with ERA gives you the best of all worlds. This is a cooker that is progressively modern with traditional values and one designed to cope with life’s contradictions.


AGA ERA is an ergonomically designed heat-storage range cooker created to offer an all-in-one solution. It takes a sensory approach to cooking, with every feature touch-screen controlled. There are details so cleverly designed they go unnoticed, but it is these touches that ensure you get the very best from the ingredients you choose to cook.

AGA ERA is a cooker for today, with conventional cooking capabilities built in alongside radiant heat-storage cast-iron ovens and an induction hob beside
a cast-iron hotplate.

AGA ERA Double oven

Alongside a fan oven, ERA has two cast-iron heat-storage ovens which cook using radiant heat. This offers an intuitive, kind-to-food way of cooking. We think of it as akin to sunshine through a window. It’s a warm and penetrating heat possible due to the thermal properties of cast iron.

Food cooked this way tastes better because it isn’t exposed to any harshness. Radiant heat cooking is an effective, efficient and effortless way to roast, bake, grill, steam, fry and slow-cook and to get the most succulent, nutritious dishes.

AGA ERA - Chrome

Each element of ERA has been carefully considered to create an appliance with premium design values, considered materials and a quietly assertive aesthetic. It is a cook’s cooker, created to fit seamlessly into your kitchen and to effortlessly integrate into your life.

Essentially it’s a glass AGA.