What Our Customers Say

See what AGA customers have had to say about their new AGA cookers and experience with our brand. 

Mother and daughter cooking and eating by the AGA
The AGA Experience

"All staff involved, both on the sales side and the delivery/collection team were outstanding. Eddie in the Chelmsford shop and all the delivery guys were excellent, so helpful"
Mr L, Chelmsford, AGA R3 Series 100-4h

"Liam at your Stratford-Upon-Avon shop was excellent. Very helpful and informative and kept us updated with issues so expectations properly set. We were also very pleased that he managed to secure us a delivery slot ahead of Christmas."
Mr & Mrs L, Stratford-Upon-Avon, AGA eR3 Series 100-4i

"Every step of buying the AGA was a joy. The staff at AGA Oundle were very helpful. The installation were prompt, polite and gave excellent advice on the use and care of our AGA."
Mr C, Kettering, AGA R3 Series 100-4h

"Installation team were very good and explained everything well before leaving. John and Jaki at Kendal AGA have been excellent service and great at sorting out minor issues or queries throughout the order lead time."
Mr B, Cumbria, AGA eR3 Series 110-4i

AGA eR3 Series 170 in Cream
AGA eR3 Series

"Like the combination of a cast-iron oven with the ease of an electric induction hob. Love that I can turn it on when I need it and off when I don't!"
Mrs S, Lincoln, AGA eR3 Series 100-4i

"I just love my AGA, easy to use and brilliant food."
Mrs Y, Inverness, AGA eR3 Series 160-5

"Big thanks to the entire AGA team from the very knowledgeable Nathalie (and her great customer care!) to the super delivery and installation guys for their friendly service with amazing attention to detail. They even offered to move my furniture back, how fab is that?! And, my AGA has more than lived up to its reputation, great food and so easy to use too."
Mrs R, Carshalton, AGA eR3 Series 100-4i 

"Delighted with my new AGA. It's a joy to use."
Mrs H, Worcestershire, AGA eR3 110-4i

"I love my electric AGA. Being in control is wonderful."
Mrs C, Hampshire, AGA eR3 Series 100-4

"I love my AGA. I loved the experience of buying a new modern AGA complete with an induction hob. I love using it. I love the results I get from it. I love the appearance of it. I love it!"
Mrs M, Norfolk, AGA eR3 Series 100-4i

AGA eR7 150 in Blush against blue cabinets

"Just thrilled with the whole process and the final product. So glad we decided to invest in our AGA."
Miss F, Cheshire, AGA eR7 Series 150 

"Having full flexibility with this all electric unit is a great advantage"
Mrs H, Brighton, AGA eR7 Series 100 

"Super. Couldn't be happier. Process could not have gone smoother. My first AGA - amazing - well worth the 22 year wait!"
Dr F, Lancashire, AGA eR7 Series 100

"Very happy with my new AGA. Easy to use and more controllable than my old gas AGA."
Mr O, Derbyshire, AGA eR7 Series 100

AGA R7 in white

"I dealt with John in the Bath store and the entire process was managed online. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful... it was perfect and I love my AGA."
Mrs W, Hull, AGA R7 150 

"We are delighted with our new Blush AGA. It looks beautiful and cooks beautifully."
Mrs O, West Sussex, AGA R7 100

"Second AGA purchased and very pleased with it."
Miss R, Staffordshire, AGA R7 150

"AGA R7 150 is an excellent product. The AGA team co-ordinated with our kitchen fitters so there were no installation issues."
Mr A, Derby, AGA R7 150 

AGA R3 in white with green kitchen cabinetry
AGA R3 Series

"Simple, easy to use. Flexible energy usage combined with great cooking - what's not to love?"
Mr S, Cumbria, AGA R3 Series 100-4H

"Nothing cooks like an AGA. The R3 is very controllable, has a grill and heats up more quickly than we expected. The dog loves it too!"
Mr C, Grantham, AGA R3 Series 100-4H

"Excellent, so glad I made the decision to purchase an AGA."
Miss N, Worcester, AGA R3 Series 100-4H

"Early days but we are VERY pleased with the new AGA and are learning how to get the most out of it. It does not keep the kitchen as warm as the old oil-fired one, but this means we are not using heat when we don't need it so it will not be as expensive to run as we feared. It is easily controllable and heats up faster than expected."
Mr M, Cirencester, AGA R3 Series 100-4H

AGA Dual Control in Pearl Ashes
AGA Dual Control

"I had a gas AGA for years and now have the new generation. I was worried that it would cool down too much in standby mode but it doesn't and so my cats are extremely happy!"
Ms A, Bramhope, AGA Dual Control 3-oven

"Having previously owned a traditional AGA, I'm delighted with the new generation AGAs."
Mrs M, Warwickshire, AGA Dual Control, 3-oven

AGA 60 in blush with grey cabinets
AGA 60

"My AGA 60 is completely perfect and everyone I've dealt with, from the team at the AGA shop Telford through to the men who delivered and installed it, were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Having been without an AGA for a couple of years it's a complete joy to have one again."
Mrs J, Norfolk, AGA 60 with Hotplate 

"I am delighted with my AGA 60. I have wanted an AGA for years, and it is everything I hoped for. I bought the “Heather” colour, and it has been much admired by all my family and friends. The performance of the AGA is superb on every count."
Ms S, Wimborne, AGA 60 with Hotplate

"Really liking the flexibility of the AGA 60, and of course it cooks in the wonderful AGA style. Looks great and fits well into standard cooker space."
Mr & Mrs W, Suffolk, AGA 60 with Hotplate

" A joy to work with and more economic in its running costs than we expected."
Mr D, Grantham, AGA 60 with Hotplate 

AGA Masterchef Deluxe with induction hob in black
AGA Masterchef Deluxe

"The staff at AGA Stratford were very helpful, especially Dani, really helpful and called after delivery to reassure and make sure we were happy with cooker. I love the cooker as I have not used induction before I am very happy with its performance."
Mr & Mrs R, Stratford-Upon-Avon, AGA Masterchef Deluxe

"Absolutely love my AGA! It really gives our kitchen the wow factor!"
Mrs K, North Yorkshire, AGA Masterchef Deluxe 

"So pleased with the AGA cooker and all its functions."
Mrs M, Brighton, AGA Masterchef Deluxe 

"Having upgraded from a Bosch oven and induction hob, the AGA induction hob has a notable improvement in performance over the Bosch hob. Also the oven options have already proved to be a pleasant surprise. Very easy to use and control. Certainly a marked improvement over previously owned ovens/hobs."
Mr B, Durham, AGA Masterchef Deluxe

AGA Ludlow electric stove
AGA Stoves

"Very easy to use with the remote control. Flame size and pattern gives a pleasing appearance. Just waiting for the cooler evenings to arrive to feel the real benefit."
Mr W, Hampshire, AGA Ludlow Stove

"Extremely pleased with the fire. Well made and beautiful. So pleased I went for this option."
Mrs D, Norfolk, AGA Ludlow Stove