Outdoor Grills & Cooktops

AGA by Evo Professional Grills are the impressive new way to cook delicious meals outdoors. The outdoor cooktop is designed for edge to edge heat in a sturdy stainless-steel body.

AGA Outdoors AGA Professional Freestanding Outdoor Grill
Meticulous Design

With the solid, reliability you’d expect, our new range of outdoor products – made by one of our sister companies, EVO – are built from honest, hardworking materials that will change the way you cook forever. 

The AGA Professional Series outdoor grills boast a host of features from their generous flat cooking diameter to their heavy, stainless steel construction, which provides strength and protection against rust. Unlike many barbeques, these superb grills feature inner and outer burner controls that command variable temperatures across two circular zones for edge-to-edge even heat. You can even use the vented lid to roast, steam or smoke food.



Chicken Kebabs cooking on the AGA Professional Series Outdoor Grill
Creative Al Fresco Cooking

With their circular, solid-top cooking surfaces, these amazing new outdoor grills are hugely versatile, allowing you to toast, sauté, sear, roast, steam, stir-fry, smoke, bake and, of course, grill. That means you can be super creative with your al fresco cooking. 

The shape encourages social cooking as it allows everyone to join in and also means you can cook from any angle. You can rustle up everything from a laid-back family breakfast to a full-scale formal dinner, turning your garden into extra living space. They’re also easy to use and a dream to clean. 

AGA Professional Series Wheeled Cooktop
Freestanding Models

The AGA Professional Series outdoor grill is available in four models. The AGA Professional Series Wheeled Cooktop is a brilliant addition to any garden, terrace or deck. This adaptable grill on wheels allows you to move its position or store it away in a garage or outbuilding. With a host of great features, it’s perfect for those who love cooking outdoors, making everything and anything you want, wherever and whenever you like.

The AGA Professional Series Tabletop offers endless options, from cooking at home to camping trips. Fully portable and with independently controlled burners providing two heat zones, it’s sturdy and solid and is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures.  

AGA by Evo Affinity Outdoor Grills
Built-In Models

Ideal for custom outdoor kitchens, we also offer two AGA Professional Series Affinity models which are designed to be installed in outdoor kitchen counters or cabinets.

The AGA Professional Series Affinity 30-G Built-In is the larger of the two models, offering a 762mm cooking surface and built to be the centrepiece of your outdoor kitchen. With precise temperature control across dual gas burners and a highly capable cooking surface, the Affinity 30-G Built-in Grill is the perfect stage to entertain large or small parties.

For smaller outdoor kitchens or for cabinetry that can't support the depth of our Affinity 30-G, the AGA Professional Series Affinity 25-G Built-In is the perfect choice. With a 635mm circular cooking surface, this grill is ideal for everything from a quiet brunch to smaller gatherings.  

Cooking a full english breakfast on the AGA Professional Series Outdoor Grill
Cooking Inspiration

Download the AGA Professional Series Cookbook free and enjoy inspiration for every meal.

Featuring delicious recipes, techniques and instructions on how to best care for your grill. 

Download the cookbook here