Mitch Tonks Tells Us Why He's Passionate About AGA Cooking

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Chef Mitch Tonks

Award-winning food writer, restaurateur and fishmonger Mitch Tonks is synonymous with all that’s good about seafood. We asked the author of ‘The AGA Seafood Cookbook’ why he’s passionate about AGA cooking:  

I love the simplicity of the AGA – you just bung a dish in and leave it and the AGA works its magic, leaving you with food that always tastes great.

The AGA is brilliant for fish stews. You cook them long and slow in the simmering oven. I also love cooking red mullet ragu tossed with pasta. You just throw in the red mullet, red wine, garlic and some parsley and let it all simmer down. It's fantastic.

The simmering plate works perfectly as a plancha. You can cook scallops straight on it or just throw a handful of clams, with some salt and olive oil, on to a piece of Bake-O-Glide on the simmering plate and wait until they open. They have a delicious, almost charred taste.

The AGA is great for braising. Perhaps my favourite thing to cook is braised lamb on the bone or maybe ox cheeks and red wine. Also, the AGA is so easy to use the whole family can get involved. My children make bread or cook pizzas on the floor of the roasting oven. It's a real family affair, with everyone choosing their own toppings.

I've had an AGA for about seven years and just love it. It's a nice solid bit of kit that looks like it will do what it says it would do. It's a great centrepiece in the kitchen and people can't help but be drawn to it.


Images by Chris Terry and Jason Lowe.