AGA 60

At just 60cm wide, the AGA 60 is the baby of the AGA family and offers everything you'd expect from an AGA, all coated in a beautiful vitreous enamel finish. 

AGA 60 with hotplate in Blush
Ready When You Are

Providing the same fabulous cast-iron radiant heat cooking results as larger AGA models, the 60cm AGA cooker provides independent control of features - so the hotplate or gas hob can be used separately from the ovens. This provides ultimate controllability, making it easy to manage running costs and energy use. 

AGA 60 in White with open oven doors
It Can Do it All

At just 60cm, the AGA 60 may be small but it can do it all. Perfect for smaller kitchen spaces, it has two large capacity cast-iron heat storage ovens, the top which can be set to roasting or baking and a lower oven for simmering.

The ovens take just 60 minutes to heat up or alternatively, you can programme your roasting/baking oven to come on up to three times a day or an optional external pre-heating timer can be set to bring the top oven in to use ready for when you start to cook. 

This cooker is also brilliant when it comes to cooking for a crowd, with its deep AGA ovens that accommodate multiple baking tins and trays.

Cast-Iron Boiling Simmering Hotplate
Iconic AGA Hotplate

The AGA 60 offers a choice of an AGA hotplate or a gas hob to best suit the way that you cook. The AGA hotplate is made from cast-iron and can be switched to either boiling or simmering.

The AGA hotplate is made from cast-iron, can be switched to either boiling or simmering. With a fast heat up time of just 10 – 12 minutes, it can be turned off when not in use, saving up to 50% of energy.

When on the boiling setting, the hotplate delivers a really fast punch of heat for quickly boiling water, maintaining a rolling boil and for fast stir-fries in a wok. The cooler, simmering setting is designed for slowly bringing food to a gentle simmer and is ideal for heating milk, scrambled eggs and making sauces. You can also cook directly on to the hotplate to cook feather-light crepes, drop scones and toasted sandwiches.

Saucepan cooking on gas burner
Controllable Gas Hob

If you prefer cooking on fire, the AGA 60 provides the option of a four burner gas hob, featuring two semi-rapid gas burners, one rapid gas burner and a large wok burner, ideal for large pans and stir-frying.

The gas hob is designed to run on natural gas and it is easy to control with each burner corresponding to a rotary control dial. All zones feature a flame failure device for peace of mind which automatically turns off the gas supply in the event that the flame extinguishes.

Learn more about the AGA 60 with our introductory video.

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