Easter Egg Nests

These have become a firm favourite for Easter and are so easy to make with young children. Get them to decorate the chocolate nests with mini Easter eggs, fluffy chickens or edible sugar bunnies. Recipe by AGA Specialist Dawn Roads. 

Children decorating Easter egg nest cakes

Makes 9 muffin size cake cases

250g plain chocolate, 72% cocoa solids

2 tbsp golden syrup (about 55g)

50g butter

85g Cornflakes


27 Mini Easter eggs

Sprinkles, optional

1. Place the chocolate, broken into small pieces, syrup and butter into a large glass bowl and melt on the warming plate – or melt in a saucepan on an induction hob.

2. Add the cornflakes and mix together. Pile into muffin size cake cases, set in a muffin tin to keep their shape. Make a small hollow in each nest and position 3 chocolate mini eggs on top. Scatter with sprinkles if you like.

3. Place in a refrigerator or cool place to set for about an hour.

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