Easy Grilled Kebabs

For a fun twist host a build-your-own-kebab party. Make your AGA Outdoor grill centre stage and start with quick-cooking cuts of meat, poultry, fish and grill friendly vegetables. Then let your guests do the rest of the work, assembling their own kebabs and cooking them on the Evo grill. Best of all, to your friends, it’s not work—it’s fun!

Kebabs cooking on AGA Outdoor Grill

Meat Options  - Chicken, Lamb or Beef

Vegetable Options -






Marinade of your choice

Tips for making great kebabs


NO need to pre-soak wooden skewers, there’s no open flame to burn them. Our fantastic Forged Skewers are perfect for this recipe and are reusable.

Lightly coat skewers with cooking oil to help food slide off. 

Double skewer so food lies flat without spinning. 

Leave a little space between the food pieces to help the food cook evenly.


Meats, vegetables and fruits should be cut into uniform 2-3cm cubes for quick, even cooking. 

Parboil dense vegetables—like potatoes or carrots—before skewering. Alternate meat with the vegetables and fruit on the skewer. 

For an extra pop of fragrance and flavour, use rosemary branches as skewers for potatoes. 


Marinate poultry, seafood and vegetables at least 30 minutes before cooking—overnight marinating is better for tougher cuts of meat. Do not reuse marinade, always discard it—prepare a separate batch if you need a dipping sauce. 

Use your favourite herbs and spices in place of a marinade. 

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