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Take a look at the latest AGA cooker models, offering the same great AGA-cooked food and a cosy home but with added flexibility and vastly reduced running costs. With 4 options available NEW AGA 3 SERIES AGA Total Control, AGA Dual Control and AGA 60, a variety of colours and a choice of fuel types, there is an AGA to suit everyone.



The NEW AGA 3 SERIES offers everyday control and boasts a host of useful features including a state-of-the-art two zone
induction hob complete with bridging feature allowing you to use a griddle plate or other large cookware. There is also the option
of a warming plate and a choice of oven configurations. The NEW 3 SERIES AGA also has a triple element hotplate
which works more efficiently. Other features include fast heat up times, a defrost function on the optional induction hob,AGA Er3 100 4I 372X347 Website DOVa timer and higher temperatures and better performance than many other range cookers on the market.                                        




AGA Dual CONTROL (All electric or dual fuel models available)


The AGA Dual Control is everything you love about the AGA cooker, but with added flexibility and much reduced running and servicing costs. The AGA Dual Control - just like the traditional model - has cast-iron ovens that are always available for use, creating that indefinable AGA warmth, however, the big difference is that the two hotplates can be turned on and off independently reducing energy consumption.

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AGA TOTAL CONTROL (all electric)


It used to be a given that an AGA cooker was on all the time. Not so now, with the introduction of the AGA Total Control which offers ultimate flexibility and massively reduced running costs. AGA Total Control cookers are electric – each oven and hotplate can be individually turned on and off at the touch of a button and with fast heat-up times.

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AGA 60 (all electric or dual fuel)

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The AGA 60 means that everyone – wherever they live and whatever kitchen space they have available – will be able to find an AGA that fits perfectly. There are two ovens, offering roasting, baking and simmering functions and a hotplate, which enables you to boil and simmer. Alternatively, the AGA 60 is available with a gas hob with 4 burners. Plus, with programmability on the roasting / baking oven there’s no need to wait for the cooker to heat up.




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