Rayburn Christmas Cooking Guide

Get ahead for Christmas with this helpful guide to cooking festive sides, accompaniments and, of course, the turkey, on your Rayburn cooker. 

Cranberry sauce and gravy
5 Days Before

Up to 5 days before you can make your cranberry sauce and refrigerate ready for the big day.

You can also make our recipe 2 months in advance and freeze.

stuffing parcels by the Rayburn
2 Days Before

At 2 days before Christmas, you can make the stock for your gravy. Find our fabulous recipe for homemade turkey gravy here.

You can also prepare your stuffing which can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days. 

bacon wrapped sausages
1 Day Before

Now is the time to prepare your accompaniments such as your pigs in blankets ready for tomorrow.

You can also peel your potatoes and vegetables and keep them stored in water in the refrigerator ready. 

turkey sat in front of the Rayburn
On the Day

Set your Rayburn to baking temperature and remove the turkey from the fridge, allowing it to reach room temperature before beginning to cook. 

Remember there is no need to add any additional liquid or cover the bird at this point, the Rayburn’s cast-iron radiant heat will ensure that the turkey will remain moist and succulent. Covering and adding extra liquids will steam the turkey rather than roast it.

For the last stage of cooking turn the Rayburn up to roasting temperature.

Roast potatoes
90 Minutes Ahead of Serving

Parboil the potatoes and cook in the top oven, following our recipe below. Remember top cook in hard anodised trays and tins for the ultimate crispy potato and always heat the fat beforehand.

Sit the bowl of cranberry sauce on top of the Rayburn on the enamel area surrounding the hotplate. Frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn can be placed in Pyrex bowls, covered in cling wrap and heated through in the same way.

Carrots and green beans in Portmeirion roasting tray
60 Minutes Ahead of Serving

At 60 minutes prior to serving it's time to bring root vegetables to the boil, drain and continue to cook in the lower oven.

Then, make your gravy and keep warm. Take the stuffing and sausages from the fridge to come up to room temperature.

Christmas dinner cooked in a Rayburn
30 Minutes Ahead of Serving

Place the stuffing and sausages in the top oven, carve your turkey and dish up your vegetable, sides and sauces.