R5 Series

The R5 Series are our gas or oil traditional AGA cookers with ovens and hotplates that are always on and available for use, meaning that they invite that indefinable AGA warmth into your kitchen and are always ready to cook when you are.

If you are looking for an electric AGA which is always on, take a look at the R3 Series (13-amp) and the R7 Series

AGA R5 Series
Cosy Warmth

The traditional AGA cooker provides 24/7 radiant heat, keeping the kitchen cosy and acting as a people magnet.  

Even if you're not cooking, the R5 Series models can be hard at work, drying clothes, warding off damp, boiling kettles for tea, making toast, proving dough and much more. 

Owners also tend to find they turn their central heating on later in the year and use it less often. 

AGA R5 2-oven in Black in Fired Earth kitchen
Cast-Iron Ovens

The traditional AGA models in the R5 Series have cast-iron ovens that cook using gentle radiant heat for food that simply tastes better. As the ovens are designed to remain on, they are always at the right temperature, making cooking so easy. 

All R5 Series AGA models have a roasting and simmering oven, the 3-oven model has the added versatility of a baking oven ideal for moderate heat cooking such as cakes or lasagne.

The 4-oven model has an additional warming oven, great for warming plates, resting food or drying or meringues. 

AGA Traditional Cooker
Range of Options

The R5 Series heat storage cookers are available as 2-oven, 3-oven and 4-oven models.

You can also choose a fuel type of natural gas or LPG (2,3 and 4-oven models) and oil (2 and 4-oven models only).

The 4-oven AGA offers the choice of either a warming plate or hob. The warming plate is useful to serve from, while the hob option, a two-burner gas or ceramic hob, provides even more cooking flexibility.