Fridge Freezer & Wine Cooler Collection

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The refrigeration collection from AGA is everything you would expect - seriously cool and seriously capable. Each model is innovative in the use of technology and beautifully designed.

So, if you love fine food and expect exceptional performance when it comes to food storage, you'll find AGA Refrigeration beautifully tailored to the very highest standards, supremely reliable and capable of keeping fresh and frozen food at its best for longer.

Rangefresh Preserver
Rangefresh Preserver

When fruits and vegetables begin to ripen, they can emit harmless ethylene gas. When this gas is produced in an enclosed environment, it is re-absorbed by the fruit and vegetables, accelerating the aging process and giving you less time to use your fresh produce.

AGA Refrigeration offers a solution to this with our innovative Rangefresh preserving technology which works to silently remove ethylene gas from the refrigeration cavity, helping to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. 

The AGA DXD Refrigerator with open fridge doors
Ionizer Technology

Working alongside Rangefresh preserving technology, our innovative Ionizer technology distributes negative ions throughout the cavity of the refrigerator, neutralising any odours and dust particles.

By rapidly removing them, air quality within the fridge interior is improved while unwanted odours are eliminated. 

even circ technology
Even Circ™

Keeping food fresher for longer is at the heart of all AGA fridge-freezers. 

Even circ™ state-of-the-art technology works to minimise any heat transfer from the refrigerator walls to ensure that the food stored in the fridge stays at its optimum freshness for a longer period of time.


AGA SxS Deluxe Refrigerator in Dark Inox in a stylish kitchen
Eco Mode

Ideal for when you are away for a weekend or short period of time, our eco mode setting helps you to control the energy that you use.

The eco mode setting works to provide the optimum temperature whilst saving power. The fridge compartment will operate at 4°C whilst the freezer will run at a temperature of -18°C.


Open freezer draw on the AGA DxD Refrigerator in Stainless Steel
Frost Free Technology

Our new No-Frost technology ensures that the air circulates separately in the cooler and freezer compartments. This ensures that no odours pass between compartments, so vegetables remain fresh for longer periods

This innovative technology also prevents the build-up of frost so there's no more chiseling ice from the freezer compartment - a must for today's busy kitchens. 

VSEAL™ Feature

Available exclusively on the AGA SXS Deluxe fridge-freezer, our innovative VSEAL™ enables you to vacuum seal fresh food or cooked leftovers in a sealed bag, helping it to last longer and enabling you to maximise your fridge or freezer space.

Located on a panel on the left-hand side of the refrigerator door, the VSEAL™ feature is super easy to use with the touch screen control panel.

Replacement VSEAL™ bags are available to purchase from the AGA Cookshop website.

Bottom fridge or freezer compartment of the AGA SxS Deluxe Fridge Freezer
Independently Controlled Freezer Zones

Offering optimal flexibility, the AGA SXS fridge-freezer and AGA SXS Deluxe refrigerator models are designed with freezer compartments that can be independently controlled and programmed to be set to either refrigeration or freezer mode. 

This extra chiller space is ideal for times when you need more refrigeration space, such as parties or during the festive period, when you have more food and drinks to keep cool. 

This function is available for the bottom left freezer compartment of the AGA SXS, and both freezer compartments of the AGA SXS Deluxe.

AGA tall wine cabinet in black and AGA 3 Series cooker in white
Stylish AGA Wine Cabinets

It’s important to ensure wine is stored properly. That way you know you’re drinking it at its very best and you can rest assured that with an AGA wine cabinet, your wine will be stored at the perfect temperature and humidity.

Available in black or stainless-steel finishes, they’re perfect whether you’re a collector or just like to keep a stock of your favourites for entertaining.

The 60cm dual-zone two-door undercounter wine cabinet's left and right operate as two separate storage areas running at different temperatures, and between them hold up to 40 bottles.

The AGA dual-zone tall wine cabinet is just 60cm wide, yet it holds 159 bottles. With two temperature zones, a reversable door, UV-filtered glass, door alarm, and telescopic shelves, every detail is covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What styles are the fridge-freezers in the AGA Refrigeration range?

Our AGA refrigerators are seriously stylish, the AGA DxD fridge-freezer is a gorgeous French-style appliance with two doors and two freezer drawers. The AGA SxS and SxS Deluxe are American-style fridge-freezers with a sleek four-door design. All three refrigerators are available in four gorgeous colours including Black, Linen, Stainless Steel and Dark Inox. 

How much can you fit in the AGA Refrigerators?

The AGA DxD fridge-freezer offers an impressive 608 litres usable capacity, the AGA SxS provides 588 litres and the AGA SxS Deluxe offers 584 litres usable capacity. 

How big are the VSEAL™ bags? 

The AGA SxS Deluxe has an innovative vacuum seal feature which makes it easy to store leftovers in your fridge or freezer or could be used for sous vide cooking. The VSEAL™ bags are 180 x 330mm and can be cut down to size if necessary, as long as 7cm at the top of the bag remains in tact for use with the VSEAL™. Replacement bags are available to buy from the AGA Cookshop website

What modes are available on the AGA Fridge Freezers? 

All of our luxury fridge-freezers offer the following modes:

  • Super Cool Mode for cooling large quantities of food after a food shop or swiftly chilling drinks. This mode will run for four hours and then automatically revert to the previous mode unless manually deactivated.
  • Super Freeze Mode is also handy to quickly freeze food after a food shop or following bulk meal prepping. It will automatically revert to its last set temperature after 24 hours unless deactivated manually. 
  • Holiday Mode is ideal if you’re planning to be away from home for long periods, keeping the freezer compartment active at -18°C. Valuable energy is not wasted keeping the fridge running when there’s nothing stored in it.
  • Eco Mode for when you are away for a weekend or short period of time will provide the optimum temperature whilst saving power. The fridge compartment will operate at 4°C whilst the freezer will run at a temperature of -18°C. 


What temperature should my AGA Fridge-Freezer be?

For normal working conditions, it will be sufficient to adjust the temperature setting of your refrigerator to 4°C. The temperature of the fridge compartment should always be between 0-8 °C, fresh foods below 0 °C become iced, causing them to rot whereas bacterial load increases above 8°C, and spoils. To maintain this temperature you should keep the door closed as much as possible and limit the time that it is open when necessary.

The freezer compartment should be set to a temperature between -18°C and -20°C. The freezer is used for storing frozen food, freezing fresh food, and making ice cubes.

Do the AGA Fridge-Freezers have a child lock? 

Yes, all of our refrigerators offer a child lock which can be activated to prevent any accidental or unintentional changes being made to the appliance settings.