Rhubarb Fool

A classic fruit fool is simply a fruit puree or compote folded through deliciously light whipped cream, yoghurt and custard base. The fruit can be prepared in advance and then this dessert can be whipped up in minutes, up to 72 hours in advance.

Rhubarb Fool in Simplicity Trifle Bowl
  • 400g fresh rhubarb, cut into 1cm slices
  • 80g sugar
  • 150ml double cream
  • 150g Greek yogurt
  • 150g custard
  • A few pistachio nuts or some grated orange zest to finish (optional)

    4 - 6 Individual serving dishes or a serving bowl, at least 1 litre capacity.

1. Set the top oven to roasting setting.

2. Roast the rhubarb and sugar mixture on a shallow baking tray in the top oven, on the third set of runners for 15 mins.

3. Spoon the roasted rhubarb, sugar and all the juices into a small bowl and mix to break up the rhubarb pieces. Leave to cool.

4. Whip the cream and yogurt together until quite stiff.

5. Fold in the custard. Fold the 3/4 of the cooked rhubarb mixture into the whipped cream mixture.

6. Spoon into a serving dish or individual dishes. Top with the remaining rhubarb and swirl through gently.

7. This fool is delicious served with shortbread biscuit, even better if flavoured with some orange zest.

8. Serve immediately or keep chilled for up to 72 hours. Not suitable for freezing.

To serve a crowd using a big trifle bowl:

  • 1kg - 1.2kg rhubarb, cooked as above
  • 600ml double or whipping cream
  • 500g Greek style yogurt
  • 400g tin or carton of ready-made custard

1. Make as above, mixing 3/4 of the cooked rhubarb into the cream. Take a beautiful serving dish, the AGA trifle bowl is perfect.

2. Spoon half of the remaining rhubarb into the bowl and spread to the edges of the base. Spoon half of the creamy mixture on top.

3. Add the remaining cooked rhubarb and finally the rest of the creamy mixture.

4. Insert a knife and gently move it through the mixture to swirl the rhubarb through.

5. Finish with some chopped pistachio nuts. Chill until serving for up to 72 hours.


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