• Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb
    Enriched with delicious flavours, our slow roast lamb is the perfect informal summer entertaining dish. One of the best things about cooking slow roast shoulder of lamb, is that it can be prepared in advance and left to cook in the simmering oven using our Anodised Deep AGA Roasting Tin, whilst still enjoying family time. No constant checking and it does not matter if it cooks for an hour or so longer then stated. 
  • Cherry Pie Image
    Treat your taste buds to a heavenly dessert with our irresistible Cherry pie. Featuring a delectable filling of juicy cherries and ground almonds, encased in a crispy shortcrust pastry, this pie is sure to delight your whole family. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for sharing this lovely recipe with us.
  • AGA Rhubarb Fool Image
    Whip up this easy and delicious Fruit Fool dessert with a creamy base of whipped cream, yogurt, and custard, folded with sweet rhubarb. Perfect for a summer treat or a fancy dinner party, this classic British dessert can be customised with your favourite fruits and toppings. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for sharing this lovely recipe with us.
  • AGA Beef and Ale Pie Image
    Indulge in a delicious and hearty meal with this Beef and Ale Guinness Pie. Tender chunks of beef are cooked in a rich ale sauce, then baked under a flaky puff pastry crust. This savoury pie is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, perfect for a cosy night in or a comforting family dinner. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for sharing this lovely recipe with us.
  • AGA New York-style Cheesecake Image
    This classic New York-style cheesecake baked in the Mary Berry spring form cake tin is a rich, creamy and absolutely delicious dessert that will be an absolute favourite for you and your guests. Many thanks to our AGA demonstrator Naomi Hansell for this lovely recipe.
  • Salted Banoffee & Pecan Pancakes
    These indulgent Salted Banoffee & Pecan Pancakes served with a Rum Cream are an indulgent treat and so easy to make, with all of the ingredients easily available in any convenience store. Many thanks to our friend Shropshire Lad for this brilliant recipe cooked on the AGA Outdoor Grill, which is perfect for this recipe as the large non-stick hotplate cooks with an even heat for perfectly fluffy pancakes.
  • Pepperoni Supreme Pizza Pasta
    Baked with love, this Pepperoni Supreme Pizza Pasta is irresistibly delicious and can be on the table in just 30 minutes, so it's the perfect dish to cook for someone special. Many thanks to our friends Ross & Ian for this great recipe. Watch our Instagram Live with Ross here when he cooked this dish live for us with his AGA eR7 Series.
  • Valentine Shortbreads
    These buttery and indulgent shortbreads make a delightful gift for your loved ones this Valentine's Day thanks to their gorgeous dual heart design. Many thanks to AGA Specialist Dawn Roads for this lovely recipe. 
  • Vegan Sesame Ginger Fried Rice
    A delicious and simple vegan fried rice dish, packed with fresh Asian flavours. Many thanks to our friends at Belvoir Farm for sharing this lovely recipe with us.
  • Welsh Cakes on the Rayburn
    Welsh Cakes are a sweet bread from Wales. Traditionally, they are made using a cast-iron griddle, so the Rayburn and AGA hotplates are ideal for baking this treat. 
  • Tofu Stir Fry
    Use tofu as a plant-based protein for a stir fry. Quick to cook, the secret is preparing the ingredients before cooking commences! Many thanks to AGA Specialist Dawn Roads for this lovely recipe. 
  • Midweek Chicken Casserole
    A tasty dish which uses inexpensive chicken portions and some store cupboard ingredients for a budget-friendly meal. It can be left to slowly cook in the simmering oven for 3 hours or so. Serve with steamed Basmati rice. Many thanks to AGA Specialist Dawn Roads for this lovely recipe.
  • Cheese & Vegetable Frittata
    A delicious way of making yesterday’s leftover vegetables the star of today’s meal. This meal can be cooked on the hotplate and finished in the roasting oven, for maximum efficiency, you could utilise your roasting oven for cooking other dishes alongside this. You can add any vegetables you have leftover to this recipe.  Many thanks to AGA Specialist Dawn Roads for sharing this recipe with us. 
  • Ginger Breadmen on a hard anodised baking tray
    Perfect for involving little helpers in the kitchen, this recipe is super easy and allows you to get creative with decoration. 
  • Slow roasted pork
    Slow cooking with the AGA gives melt-in-the-mouth pork. Use the roasting oven first for crispy crackling then the simmering oven for long slow cooking.
  • Orange, Cardamom and Marmalade Cupcakes
    Celebrating 100 years of the AGA cooker, these delicious cup cakes are flavoured with orange zest and cardamom - a spice used in Swedish sweet dishes and ‘a nod’ toward the country of the invention of the AGA. These cupcake centres are filled with marmalade and topped with a delightful orange buttercream.
  • Celeriac, Leek and Potato Gratin with Cornish Sea Salt
    This simple gratin recipe is comfort food at its best. Serve as a side to your roast or with salad for a lighter Sunday lunch.
  • Pumpkin and Kale Curry in bowls
    Try this wholesome veggie pumpkin and kale curry using Cornish Sea Salt Company Chilli Hit seasoning for a mid-week dinner.
  • Beef Burgers cooking on the AGA Professional Series Outdoor Grill
    Making the perfect homemade burger is a craft! Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining because they are easy and quick to cook. Cooking on a flattop grill makes for a better burger by creating a rich, flavourful crust on the outside while maintaining a moist, juicy inside.
  • Kebabs cooking on AGA Outdoor Grill
    For a fun twist host a build-your-own-kebab party. Make your AGA Outdoor grill centre stage and start with quick-cooking cuts of meat, poultry, fish and grill friendly vegetables. Then let your guests do the rest of the work, assembling their own kebabs and cooking them on the Evo grill. Best of all, to your friends, it’s not work—it’s fun!
  • Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup served in a bowl
    Try this creamy soup with a hint of sweetness for a healthy and comforting dinner or re-heat for a quick work lunch.
  • American Pancakes stack with raspberries and blackberries
    Easy and fluffy these delicious American Pancakes are the perfect breakfast when cooking for a crowd.
  • Sweet chicken balti
    This deliciously sweet chicken balti makes for a perfect supper.
  • Spicy Prawn Linguine Served in Bowl
    This healthy and light Spicy Prawn Linguine is the perfect quick weekday meal.
  • Salmon, Leek and Crushed Potato Gratin Served in dish
    This mouthwatering potato gratin is simple and delicious served with a side salad.
  • Fruit Tart with slice cut out
    Sweet apples, tart berries and cinnamon spice join together to make a delicious comforting dessert. Serve with custard or ice cream for extra indulgence.
  • Savoury Baked Pie with blind baked pie crust
    Some sweet and savoury pies require blind baking a pie crust beforehand. Follow our quick and easy recipe for a successful blind bake in your Rayburn Ranger or AGA.