• Roasted Cauliflower, Chicken and Chickpea Curry with rice and naan bread
    This is a well spiced but not ‘hot’ spicy curry. Suitable for plant-based diets using the coconut milk and coconut cream alternatives, and replacing the chicken with extra chickpeas or spiced cauliflower. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for this lovely recipe.   
  • Chicken & Leek Casserole with a Tarragon Scone Topping
    This slow cooked casserole certainly falls in to the comfort food category. Many thanks to AGA Specialist Dawn Roads for this lovely recipe. 
  • Hearty Vegan Chilli recipe
    A wonderfully nourishing bowl of flavour. This recipe is suitable for vegans and is gluten-free and dairy-free. 
  • Mushroom Tarts
    Pastry tarts and quiches are so simple to cook in an AGA as the pastry and filling can be cooked together. Use a dry non-stick frying pan to cook the mushrooms for maximum flavour. 
  • Herby Onion Foccacia Recipe
    AGA cookers make brilliant bread thanks to the piping-hot roasting oven which gives a really good ‘oven spring’ and the lovely AGA ‘warmth’ that helps the yeast to start working and   the dough to rise nice and quickly. To finish, add some olives, cherry tomatoes or tiny sprigs of rosemary. 
  • Pulled pork
    Tender, slow cooked pork makes a delicious - and very patient - dish. 'Pulled' and tossed in its own sticky onions, serve simply with a green salad and new potatoes, or in some toasted brioche baps with crunchy coleslaw on the side. 
  • Rhubarb Fool in Simplicity Trifle Bowl
    A classic fruit fool is simply a fruit puree or compote folded through deliciously light whipped cream, yoghurt and custard base. The fruit can be prepared in advance and then this dessert can be whipped up in minutes, up to 72 hours in advance.
  • Melting Middle Chocolate Puddings
    Rich and gooey, just add some vanilla ice cream or softly whipped cream to serve. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for sharing this gorgeous recipe with us.
  • Tear ‘n’ Share Bread with Melting Honey Camembert
    Easy tear ‘n’ share bread baked with melting camembert cheese in the centre for dipping. With thanks to Naomi Hansell for sharing this recipe with us.
  • Rhubarb and White Chocolate Muffins
    Tart rhubarb works brilliantly with the sweet white chocolate in these delicious and simple muffins.
  • Chocolate Bark
    A simple and fun treat to make with children. Chocolate bark is delicious enjoyed on its own, used to decorate a dessert, or bagged and given as a gift.  Personalise with your favourite toppings such as sweets, popcorn or pretzels. Many thanks to Jenny Nalborczyk for this fabulous recipe.
  • Granola
    A delicious combination of oats, seeds and almonds, ideal for your morning cereal, sprinkled on fruit and yogurt or as a cheeky snack.  Store in an airtight jar for up to a month, if it lasts that long!  Works perfectly with gluten-free oats too. 
  • Yorkshire Puddings
    Whether you’re preparing for a traditional Sunday roast or Christmas dinner, these AGA homemade Yorkshire puddings are a must.
  • Tomato and Fennel Seeds Knots
    Freshly baked bread makes the kitchen smell delicious and is so easy to bake in the Rayburn Ranger®
  • Whole Roasted Harissa Cauliflower with Hummus Dressing
    Cauliflower roasted in the AGA roasting oven makes a crispy and tender dish, with harissa spice paste for flavour. Serve with the hummus dressing and finish with toasted almonds or walnuts, fresh coriander and pomegranate seeds. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for this delicious vegan recipe.
  • Ultimate Christmas Leftover Toastie
    Simple to toast on the AGA simmering plate lined with a piece of Bake-O-Glide®. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • Simple Brownie Pops
    Easy to bake classic brownies cook perfectly in the AGA. Fun to make them into brownie pops by dipping in melted chocolate and decorating with nuts, dried fruit or sprinkles. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for this lovely recipe.
  • Roast Parsnips with Miso, Maple Syrup and Toasted Sesame Dressing
    White miso paste gives these parsnips a delicious savoury flavour. Roast underneath a tray of roast potatoes so that they cook a little more gently or reduce the cooking time by 10 mins. With thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • Meringue Christmas Trees
    These fun meringues are perfect for decorating festive desserts and also make great gifts. They are super simple to bake using the AGA simmering or warming oven. With thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • Fishy Parcels with Cheat’s Lobster Sauce
    These rich and delicious puff or filo pastry parcels bake beautifully in the AGA, crisping the pastry while keeping the fish tender. Serve with an easy ‘cheat’ lobster sauce. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • Classic Trifle with Gingerbread People
    The AGA Trifle Bowl is perfect for this fun showstopper dessert. Ready made trifle sponges, custard and gingerbread people are useful ‘cheats’ for this dish. With thanks to Naomi Hansell for this wonderful recipe.
  • Chocolate Dipped Pecan Honeycomb
    Simple, fun and quick to make with just a few ingredients. Be careful as the sugar gets very hot. Not suitable for children to make unsupervised. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for the recipe.
  • Spiced Salmon Saag Aloo Traybake
    Saag Aloo is a simple Indian curried potato and spinach dish which pairs perfectly with salmon. This easy one pan dish is easy to cook in the AGA.  With thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • Simple Fresh Cornish Mackerel with Herby Roasted Potatoes, Garlic and Lemon
    Here’s the perfect way to cook fresh mackerel when you’re lucky enough to have landed some, either off your own fishing line or delivered fresh to your door from The Cornish Fishmonger. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for this delicious recipe.
  • Pulled pork baps
    Cooked in the Rayburn Ranger®, this is one of the tastiest slow cooked dishes you can make and is perfect to leave cooking all day.  
  • No knead bread
    Quick and easy no-knead bread recipe by Naomi Hansell. 
  • AGA Bakewell tart
    A classic dessert tart with a shortcrust pastry base, jam layer and moist almond filling. Simple and quick to bake in the AGA without blind baking the pastry first. Serve warm or cold as a dessert with softly whipped cream or ice cream or just on its own with a cup of tea. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for the recipe.