• Apple and Berry Breakfast Crumble
    This delicious and comforting Apple and Berry Breakfast Crumble from our lovely friend Sassy Gregson-Williams aka @naturally.sassy is an ideal healthy option for the winter months.
  • Cinnamon Rolls in AGA Cast-Iron Casserole
    Cinnamon rolls are perfect for an afternoon treat or even for breakfast. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell for sharing this fabulous recipe with us. 
  • Granola
    A delicious combination of oats, seeds and almonds, ideal for your morning cereal, sprinkled on fruit and yogurt or as a cheeky snack.  Store in an airtight jar for up to a month, if it lasts that long!  Works perfectly with gluten-free oats too. 
  • Ultimate Christmas Leftover Toastie
    Simple to toast on the AGA simmering plate lined with a piece of Bake-O-Glide®. Many thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • No knead bread
    Quick and easy no-knead bread recipe by Naomi Hansell. 
  • Salted Banoffee & Pecan Pancakes
    These indulgent Salted Banoffee & Pecan Pancakes served with a Rum Cream are an indulgent treat and so easy to make, with all of the ingredients easily available in any convenience store. Many thanks to our friend Shropshire Lad for this brilliant recipe cooked on the AGA Outdoor Grill, which is perfect for this recipe as the large non-stick hotplate cooks with an even heat for perfectly fluffy pancakes.
  • American Pancakes stack with raspberries and blackberries
    Easy and fluffy these delicious American Pancakes are the perfect breakfast when cooking for a crowd.
  • Eggs Benedict
    Making Eggs Benedict is easier than you think and is the perfect brunch option to whip up. Cook the muffin, bacon and egg on the hotplate first then keep warm in the AGA warming oven while you make a delicious homemade hollandaise sauce.
  • Caramel Blood Orange & Mascarpone Crêpe Cake
    This delicious Caramel Blood Orange & Mascarpone Crêpe Cake is perfect for an indulgent brunch or a show-stopping dessert this pancake day. Many thanks to AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako for sharing her fabulous recipe with us. You can watch Penny making her crêpe cake here.
  • Croissants, compote and poached eggs
    You can't beat a lazy weekend brunch. Mix the sweet and savoury to create a truly filling feast. Recipe courtesy of AGA Rangemaster Group Home Economist Alexandra Dibble.  
  • Shakshouka in Saute Pan
    Shakshouka is a great Middle Eastern one-pot lunch or supper, and also makes a deliciously different brunch dish. The duck eggs look simply beautiful peeping through the rich and glossy tomato sauce. Many thanks to our friends at Clarence Court Eggs for this lovely recipe. 
  • Mixed herb omelette with spinach, feta & dukkah
    A delicious and quick omelette, ideal for breakfast, lunch or a light supper and packed with flavour. Courtesy of our friends at Clarence Court Eggs. 
  • Kaiserschmarrn
    A delicious, traditional Austrian dish of shredded pancakes. Perfect served with fresh berries.
  • Eggs Royale
    A wonderful recipe for a classic breakfast dish. Serve with John Ross smoked salmon for a fabulous morning treat.
  • Belgium - Liège Waffles
    A few types of Belgian waffles exist, but the most famous is the Liège waffle. Alex Troullier at Wafflemeister (@wafflemeisterUK) at South Kensington shares his recipe below. 
  • Ande Ki Bhurji - Scrambled Eggs, Indian Style
    'Ande ki Bhurji' or 'Spicy Scrambled Eggs' is a quick street food snack that is also eaten at breakfast. The spice of green chillies, the sweetness of onions and the tang of tomatoes along with the creaminess of eggs is a perfect dish to eat with buttered toast or a roll.
  • Christmas Pancakes
    Pancakes with the taste of Christmas spice and mincemeat. The sugar content is less than normal as sweetness is obtained from the mincemeat.  Serve warm with butter or ice cream.  
  • Cottage Cheese Griddle Cakes
    These light griddle cakes are lovely served either sweet with honey or as a savoury with a leisurely weekend breakfast.
  • AGA Cookery Doctor’s Easy Crumpets
    Crumpets are an Anglo-Saxon invention. The early crumpets were hard pancakes cooked on a griddle, rather than the soft and spongy crumpets of the Victorian era, which were made with yeast.
  • Oaty Chocolate Mocha
    Perfect for coffee lovers, this Oaty Chocolate Mocha makes for an alternative after-dinner beverage or decadent breakfast shake.
  • Banana and Blueberry Porridge
    Easy, healthy and quick to make, this recipe for Banana and Blueberry Porridge is ideal for mid-week breakfasts.
  • French Canadian Blueberry Toast
    French Toast is a great way to start the day and was the typical breakfast to prepare you for a full day of ice hockey among French Canadians. By Derek Stump, Assistant Manager at Divertimenti.
  • Mexican Breakfast Eggs
    Just the thing for a leisurely breakfast, baked eggs nestling in juicy tomatoes, with the warmth of chilli and a hint of garlic. Serve with lots of hot buttered AGA toast!
  • Hot Cross Buns
    Hot Cross Buns are traditionally served on Good Friday and mark the end of the Lent.
  • Porridge
    Any health guru will tell you that porridge is a perfect start to the day and this recipe is particularly virtuous, as it needs only water, not milk. That’s not to say it can’t be made more indulgent with any number of delicious toppings.
  • The Full English
    When nothing but an English breakfast will do. Any late-wakers in the house will be tempted out of bed with the irresistible lure of sizzling bacon.
  • Smoked Salmon Scramble
    Replicate a lovely lazy-day café brunch with this scrumptious dish. Just add orange juice, good coffee and your favourite paper and sit back happy in the knowledge that this light protein-rich breakfast is doing all sorts of good.