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  • Spiced Salmon Saag Aloo Traybake
    Saag Aloo is a simple Indian curried potato and spinach dish which pairs perfectly with salmon. This easy one pan dish is easy to cook in the AGA.  With thanks to Naomi Hansell for this recipe.
  • Pulled pork baps
    Cooked in the Rayburn Ranger®, this is one of the tastiest slow cooked dishes you can make and is perfect to leave cooking all day.  
  • Chocolate Cherry Coconut
    To celebrate the Jewish Passover, Anne Shooter shares her traditional Passover baking skills. Try this very addictive Bounty Bar lookalike recipe adapted for baking in the AGA. Perfect for easy family baking. Many thanks to Anne for sharing the recipe. 
  • Cinnamon Balls
    To celebrate the Jewish Passover, Anne Shooter shares her traditional Passover baking skills –  using just egg whites, ground almonds, cinnamon and sugar. These little icing sugar-dusted confections are the perfect sweet and warm dessert for family entertaining, and will be so familiar to anyone observing the Jewish Passover. Many thanks to Anne for sharing the recipe. 
  • Belgium - Liège Waffles
    A few types of Belgian waffles exist, but the most famous is the Liège waffle. Alex Troullier at Wafflemeister (@wafflemeisterUK) at South Kensington shares his recipe below. 
  • Zvingoi (Honey Puffs)
    This is one of the most traditional street food delicacies in Greece, originally found on the streets of Constantinople, now Istanbul, as far back as the Byzantine era. I have added my own personal kick to the recipe, which is Mastic, from the island of Chios.
  • Lamingtons
    'Lamingtons have been my favourite treat for as long as I can remember. This is the most straight-forward recipe, variations include layering the sponge with jam and cream, or even a lemon curd, before dipping in the chocolate and coconut.' Samantha Harvey, Kitchen Manager at the Divertimenti Cookery School. Recipe courtesy of the Divertimenti Cookbook (by Camilla Schneideman, Weidenfeld & Nichoson 2007)
  • Kladdkaka
    One of the first treats children in Sweden learn to cook, Kladdkaka is a gooey chocolate cake that is as firm as an American brownie due to its sugar content on the outside, but runny and liquid in the middle.
  • Khachapuri
    Khachapuri is ubiquitous all over Georgia in many shapes and forms. Traditionally it is made with the Georgian cheese, Suluguni. In the UK a good substitute is a mixture of Gouda and Feta cheese. Celia Brooks has been with Divertimenti Cookery School since the very start! She leads gastro tours of London's foodie hotspots as well as holding her own demonstration classes in the cookery school kitchens. Here she demonstrates a recipe from her renowned "World Vegetarian Classics" cookbook (Pavilion Books 2009).
  • Imperial Russian Blinis
    A classic Russian starter. 
  • GUOTIE - Pot-Stickers (with Beef & Coriander)
    Celebrate Chinese New Year in style and impress your friends by making your very own homemade Potstickers! These simple and delicious dumplings are enjoyed all over Asia and Beverly Yu will take you through two fool proof methods for 'crimping' your dumplings.
  • Kartoffeln Mit Spargel Und Kräutercreme
    Roughly translated as potatoes with an asparagus and herb dressing, this makes a fantastic side dish to simply cooked white fish.
  • Ande Ki Bhurji - Scrambled Eggs, Indian Style
    'Ande ki Bhurji' or 'Spicy Scrambled Eggs' is a quick street food snack that is also eaten at breakfast. The spice of green chillies, the sweetness of onions and the tang of tomatoes along with the creaminess of eggs is a perfect dish to eat with buttered toast or a roll.
  • Flan de Huevo
    To make this recipe properly you will need a 'Flanera.' The lid of the 'Flanera' allows the custard to steam which gives a lovely, soft result. In this recipe Maria has added coconut which brings a nice twist to this classic dish.
  • Ginger Beer
    'This is one of my favourite drinks to make, so simple and so delicious. When I grew up in Antigua, we’d make it to serve at the family meal on a Sunday'. Beatrice Williams.
  • Gołąbki - Stuffed cabbage rolls in tomato sauce
    Gołąbki is a traditional Polish dish that we make year round. As they are quite time consuming, I make a lot at once and freeze any leftover to heat with a fresh tomato sauce another time. Gołąb means dove or pigeon in Polish, the dish is named so for its resemblance to a group of resting birds!
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
    Red Velvet Cake hails originally from the Southern States. While nowadays food colouring is added to enhance the colour, the original namesake came about through the reaction caused by the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar that brought out the natural reddish tones of unrefined coca powder. 
  • Safra - Aromatic Semolina Dessert
    Safra, also called Sefra, is an aromatic semolina dessert from the once thriving Jewish Community of Tripoli, Libya. Safra is rich in flavour with a honey and orange glazing, giving the almond and sesame seed topping a nice shine. Cut into diamond shapes, it is great served with tea or coffee. Enjoy!
  • Tiramisu
    This recipe came from one of my mother's dear friends. I have adapted it slightly to suit my tastes as I love a lot of creamy mascarpone. The alcohol is also omitted here to make it suitable for everyone in the party to enjoy! Greg joined the Marylebone High Street branch of Divertimenti in the summer of 2010. Here he demonstrates his recipe for Tiramisu, always a favourite at staff parties.
  • Wiener Schnitzel & Spätzle
    We meet Franz Schinagl, chef at Bodo's Scholss and half of the acclaimed Austrian duo from Speck Mobile. Franz talked about bringing traditional Austrian recipes to life and showed us some typical dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel and Spätzle.
  • Tropical Fruit Pavlova
    This is a big old treat, a real fairy tale concoction from the part of my kiwi past and present that provokes the argument about where Pavlova actually originates (I mean which island in NZ of course). For something that looks and tastes so spectacular it is a breeze to make. The meringue will keep for weeks in an airtight container in a cool place or for months in the freezer. The fruit and cream can be prepared at least a few hours before assembling. You will also need a 26cm cake ring.
  • Fusion - Griddled Radicchio and Strawberry Risotto
    Maria Elia is a chef, author, broadcaster and teacher. Her cooking is inspired by her travels and she loves looking for new combinations of ingredients that surprise and delight. Her Griddled Radicchio and Strawberry Risotto is one of her signature dishes. The bitterness of the radicchio and the sweetness of the strawberries is an inspired combination and shows how a fusion of flavours and cuisines can work beautifully.
  • Black Pudding Scotch Eggs
    I run the Pig and Hay food stall on Chapel Market in Islington where we serve up fresh homemade scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pork sandwiches to a busy lunchtime crowd. These black pudding scotch eggs are one of my best sellers. Follow Hayley on Twitter: @Pig_and_Hay
  • French Canadian Blueberry Toast
    French Toast is a great way to start the day and was the typical breakfast to prepare you for a full day of ice hockey among French Canadians. By Derek Stump, Assistant Manager at Divertimenti.