Aga Outdoors

  • Salted Banoffee & Pecan Pancakes
    These indulgent Salted Banoffee & Pecan Pancakes served with a Rum Cream are an indulgent treat and so easy to make, with all of the ingredients easily available in any convenience store. Many thanks to our friend Shropshire Lad for this brilliant recipe cooked on the AGA Outdoor Grill, which is perfect for this recipe as the large non-stick hotplate cooks with an even heat for perfectly fluffy pancakes.
  • Beef Burgers cooking on the AGA Professional Series Outdoor Grill
    Making the perfect homemade burger is a craft! Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining because they are easy and quick to cook. Cooking on a flattop grill makes for a better burger by creating a rich, flavourful crust on the outside while maintaining a moist, juicy inside.
  • Kebabs cooking on AGA Outdoor Grill
    For a fun twist host a build-your-own-kebab party. Make your AGA Outdoor grill centre stage and start with quick-cooking cuts of meat, poultry, fish and grill friendly vegetables. Then let your guests do the rest of the work, assembling their own kebabs and cooking them on the Evo grill. Best of all, to your friends, it’s not work—it’s fun!