Drop Scones

These scones are cooked direct on the hotplate on a simmering to moderate heat. They are also known as Scotch Pancakes, Griddle Scones, Crempogs or just plain Pancakes!

Drop Scones


115g (4 oz) self raising flour

25g (1 oz) caster sugar

1 egg

150ml (¼ pint) milk

To serve:

Maple syrup or honey or spread with butter


1. Place the flour and sugar into a basin, mix together. Make a well in the centre and add the egg and half the milk. Whisk together, adding the remainder of the milk to make a smooth batter.

2. Lightly oil the simmering plate with a little oil on a piece of kitchen paper. Drop tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto the surface. Cook one side then flip over and cook the other. Keep warm in a clean tea towel and serve with maple syrup or honey, warmed at the back of the AGA – or you can spread them with softened butter.

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