Novy Cooker Hoods & Extraction Fans

Novy Cloud Ceiling Extraction
Novy, your kitchen’s secret ingredient 

For over 50 years, Novy has been combining quality, craftsmanship and design with the finest materials and expertise to bring your kitchen to life.

Novy provides subtle, elegant and statement products that always complement the architectural character of the property.

We believe a beautifully designed and crafted kitchen is a statement of quality and there is no better way to make a lasting impression than with Novy.

Novy craftsman working on Novy cooker hoods
Craftsmanship with a Soul

Our strength lies in solid and well-considered work. In extremely silent, yet high-performance motors. In technology, driving to the limit. In wanting to excel. In commitment. But also in our hands.

For us, craftsmanship is the starting point for delivering quality. We share this knowledge and form the connecting factor between pure design, a well-considered choice of materials and perfect execution.

Our thinking is reflected in every cooker hood developed and produced by Novy and that finesse is what turns cooking in to an art.

The Power You Feel

Novy is for every kitchen where performance matters, whether your home is a rural retreat or modern city sleek. 

Performance is always our first goal. Our relentless search for how things can be done differently and better led Novy to pioneer perimeter extraction. 

This innovative technology immediately captures all cooking vapours where they originate because the combination of a powerful motor with grease and carbon filters guarantees that all unpleasant elements are immediately removed from the air. 

Silent Power in the Kitchen 

We bring peace to your kitchen, less noise means less distraction, allowing you to focus on what’s important. 

The silent power of our expertise is incorporated in everything we make, and the result is a design that is pure and a cooker hood that is always quieter than what you cook. 

Our cooker hoods are remarkably silent in use and we are proud to be the only brand to have achieved the quiet mark accreditation for every product that we produce. 

Novy Cloud cooker hood open
Pure Kitchen Air

Our range of recirculating cooker hoods are designed with innovative Novy Pure 3.0 technology which works in stages to eliminate unavoidable cooking vapours, odours and grease.

First the high-performing silent motor immediately extracts cooking vapours, then grease particles are captured by the hard-working multilayer grease filter and finally odours are neutralised at a rate of 95%-100% thanks to Novy’s exclusive carbon monoblock filter. 

And they are exceptionally energy efficient, fully recycling heat so that warm air is not extracted to the outside unnecessarily, reducing your energy costs and creating a pleasant indoor climate. 

Novy Pureline Ceiling Cooker Hood
Ceiling Extraction

For optimal operation, an extraction hood must cover at least the entire width of your hob. Novy ceiling cooker hoods are available in a variety of sizes. We also offer a range of colours, so you can find the one that blends into your kitchen. And thanks to the integrated LED lighting, you can enhance the living environment in a flash.

You can opt for a duct that leads to the outside, or a recirculation model. We offer different options for the motor, whether you want to install the motor in the kitchen area or at a distance.

No matter how compact or spacious your kitchen is, you’ll find there's a ceiling model which will fit perfectly in any interior. 

Novy Fusion Pro Built-In Cooker Hood
Built-In Cooker Hoods

Ideal for those seeking to optimise their kitchen space, our range of Novy built-in cooker hoods are perfect for you.

We offer a variety of models to suit the architecture of all properties with cooker hoods that can be either installed in an alcove or ceiling or simply mounted on the ceiling and, if you’re limited by space, we offer models that may be integrated in to wall cabinets.

Novy Vision Wall mounted Hood
Wall-Mounted Cooker Hoods

For those looking for a stylish addition to their kitchen, our sleek wall-mounted cooker hoods are sure to make a statement.

Our desire for visual perfection is present in every detail to create the timeless elegance.

These hoods are available in a choice of sizes and colours so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen. 

Novy Flatline Island Cooker Hood
Island Cooker Hoods

If your cooker or hob is situated within a cooker island, our island cooker hoods offer the perfect solution.

Our premium island cooker hoods are meticulously designed to offer rapid extraction of vapour, grease particles and cooking odours with minimum noise.

Lady looking up at Novy ceiling extraction hood in white kitchen
Recirculation Kits & Boxes

The choice between extraction to the outside or recirculation depends upon the architecture of your property and the kitchen aesthetic you desire.

Many of our cooker hoods are externally vented as standard, however, all Novy cooker hoods can be fitted with a charcoal filter and made to recirculate instead.

Simply order your recirculation kit or box alongside your cooker hood.