Why Baking is Better in an AGA

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Banana Bread

In times of trouble we often turn to pastimes that make us feel safe and secure and that offer a delightful sensory experience. 

It’s perhaps because of this that over the past couple of weeks the world has fallen in love with baking banana bread and sourdough. Of course, many of us are whipping up all sorts of other delights but it’s these two treats that are taking over Instagram right now. 

The cast-iron ovens of an AGA cooker treat food differently, using gentle radiant heat and locking in all the moisture, flavour and goodness of food. This means the AGA and baking go hand in hand. Most models also have a dedicated baking oven, which is the ideal way to create show-stopping bakes. 

AGA owners have long known their cooker is kinder to food. But now, thanks to a study from Researchers at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing – part of University Lincoln – there’s scientific evidence to back this up. 

“An AGA is more predictable,” says Dr Wayne Martindale, Associate Professor of Food Insights and Sustainability. “The heat is more constant. The AGA oven is easier to understand how the heat is working.”

It’s not just the taste and smell of AGA food that the testers preferred. They also liked its appearance.

“There was more of a browning with cakes and bread,” Dr Martindale says, “resulting in the appearance people preferred. It was easier to get a crust on bread in an AGA cooker. And it was easier to get an even bake in cakes with an AGA cooker.”

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With the children home from school, now is a great time to get them in the kitchen learning how to bake. When they’re elbow deep in dough or mixing up cake batter, you know you’re passing on a hugely useful life skill. And, while they may not be in the chemistry lab, they’ll certainly learn a little about the alchemy of cooking.