Can You Run An AGA On Solar Panels?

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As our commitment towards a sustainable future strengthens, many AGA customers are increasingly curious about the feasibility of a solar-powered AGA. So, can you run an electric AGA on solar panels? In this article we hope to answer any questions you have about switching to this sustainable way of powering your home, including your range cooker.

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Rayburn Heatranger Scoops Innovation Award

Carl Moon and David Carpenter receiving the UKIFDA innovation award

We are pleased to announce that the two-in-one cooking and home heating appliance, Rayburn Heatranger,  has been recognised with a prestigious innovation accolade at the 2023 UKIFDA awards.

This award recognises and celebrates the most innovative products and services within the fuel distribution industry.  The Rayburn Heatranger was commended for its fossil-free HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) capability which uses renewable and biodegradable waste fats and vegetable oils to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.

10 Sustainability Trends for the Next 10 Years

Naturally Sassy cooking on her AGA eR7 Series

Trends come and go, but as part of our 100th birthday celebrations we’re looking at those which are set to stand the test of time. High on the agenda for many homeowners is sustainability. Many of us want reassurance that the products we’re buying and the way we’re choosing to live in our homes is not having a negative impact on the environment. Here, we look at some sustainability trends set to endure…