So Cool - New Generation AGA Refrigeration

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AGA DxD Refrigerator

AGA is delighted to announce the launch of its new French-style refrigeration. This luxury, freestanding fridge-freezer is available in four gorgeous colourways and has a host of innovative features to ensure it keeps fresh and frozen food at its best for longer.

With an A+ rating for energy efficiency and an impressive 557 litre net capacity, it's a great addition to any kitchen. The Quick Drink Mode offers fast chilling and a timed reminder so you don't end up with frozen wine. Holiday and eco-modes, a door alarm so you never accidentally leave it open, a child lock and super freeze and super cool modes mean every detail has been considered to create a product that fits perfectly with your way of life.

As you would expect from AGA, this new product is seriously cool and seriously capable, is available in four colours and has a host of new technologies to ensure peerless performance. 

Unique Rangefreshtm technology helps to remove ethylene gas from inside the refrigeration cavity. This is a harmless gas released naturally from fresh foods but by eliminating it any unwanted odours that would otherwise naturally occur are removed. This has the added benefit of keeping food fresh for longer.

The innovative Ionizertm works by spreading negative Ions throughout the the interior of the fridge, which in turn neutralises any unpleasant odours and dust particles that might otherwise linger. By invisibly and silently removing them, the air quality inside the appliance is instantly improved and any underlying odours are quickly eliminated.

And state-of-the-art Even circtm technology minimises any heat transfer from the walls inside the cooler unit to ensure the food stored inside stays at its optimum freshness for longer.

View the new AGA DxD Refrigeration range here.