Rayburn Heatranger Launches in Cornish HVO Housing Project

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Cornish Housing Project

In December, oil industry leaders and MP George Eustice visited an innovative Cornish housing project which is solely powered by HVO (95% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).

The sustainable fuel is used in 50 appliances throughout the Redruth community including homes, a school and a church.  A HVO-ready Rayburn Heatranger has been installed and guests enjoyed freshly baked Cornish pasties cooked using the radiant heat of the cast-iron ovens. 

Rayburn Heatranger in Linen with blue cabinetryThe Rayburn Heatranger provides controllable and efficient cooking and home heating. The new appliance is the first to have HVO compatible burners, so can be used with the low-carbon fuel produced from waste vegetable fats and oils. Classified as sustainable by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, HVO is estimated to save the average home 5 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

The project is a leading national trial to test the effectiveness of HVO as an alternative fuel to conventional heating oil in partnership with oil distributor Mitchell & Webber, UKIFDA (the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributor’s Association) and OFTEC (Oil-Firing Technical Association).

The Cornish housing project is one of 100 official Government test sites. To find out more about the trial here or learn more about the Rayburn Heatranger here.