10 interior design trends for the next decade

Biophilic Design Conservatory

 As part of our 100th anniversary, we’re looking at trends that will see us through the next decade and beyond. It’s easy to think the home of the 2030s will be hugely different from the ones we live in today, but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. We will definitely be looking for our homes to work harder, but not by installing robot helpers. Here, we take a look at how the home is likely to evolve over the coming decade…

Biophilic Design

Ten chefs we love

Chef Tom Sellers

 Amazing chefs have the ability not only to turn prosaic ingredients into something sublime, but also to change the way we look at food, design and culture as a whole. As part of our 100th anniversary series, here we look at 10 chefs we believe will help shape the future of dining. Some are new, others have been around a little longer, but between them we think they’ll have a huge impact on food in the decade to come…

Tom Sellers

10 Plant-based Eating Trends

Vegan Burger

As part of our 100th birthday celebrations we’re looking at the future trends that will shape the way we live through the next decade. This month we’re focused on plant-based eating… 

While many of us aren’t yet ready to become vegan, there’s certainly a shift towards consuming less meat by adopting a flexitarian approach to eating. The great news is that there are plenty of exciting ingredients and innovations to keep meal times interesting.

The Joy of Autumn

Lady in thick socks warming by the AGA

This year we’re experiencing an autumn like no other and many of us are turning to nature for solace. We’re lucky that the season brings with it a Sausage Casserole in AGA Cast-Iron cookwarespectacular visual feast and the fact we can only go out to buy essentials or exercise means there’s little choice but to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors. 

Introducing the NEW Rayburn built-in electric fire collection

Rayburn Stratus Electric Fire

Controllable heat output, full remote control and range of stunning flame patterns

There are few things as delightful as the glow of a fire and the new Rayburn built-in electric fires collection has been designed to create the ultimate flame picture combined with a controllable heat output when required. Rayburn fires are manufactured to the highest quality, with vibrant, variable multi-coloured flame pictures that allow you to set your style and mood for a truly unique fire.

Perfect Balance

Ben Hillman relaxing by his AGA wood-burning Stove

TV presenter Ben Hillman has spent the past year renovating the Sussex house he shares with his wife, Gaby, and his daughters, Hope Blossom, who is four, and two-year-old Honour Willow. Ben’s TV career began in an unusual way when he entered a competition on ITV’s This Morning back in 2010. Billed as The Next Big Thing, the producers were looking for someone with design flair and a talent for presenting. Ben’s mother was
adamant he should have a go.