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AGA Announces New Neutrals for 2018

AGA 60 in Blush

As spring approaches, colour palettes become softer and our attention is often focused on neutrals. This, though, absolutely doesn’t need to mean dull. In fact a perfectly chosen neutral shade can bring a room together in a way a bright could never achieve.

AGA has brought together a collection of colours that work perfectly for now, but will also stand the test of time.

New Coastal Collection from AGA

AGA Total Control in new Salcombe Blue

AGA has added a sumptuous new colour to its range, with Salcombe Blue joining Dartmouth Blue to form a mini collection of coastal shades.

In 2015 AGA launched the limited edition shade, Dartmouth Blue, and it was such a hit that it has become a permanent addition to the collection. Now the company has unveiled Salcombe Blue, which is informed by the gorgeous seas around the idyllic picturesque harbour town regularly listed among Britain’s favourite holiday destinations.

AGA Announces Bespoke Colour Matching Service

AGA Bespoke Colour Service

If you’ve always fancied an AGA cooker to match the colour of your car, your sofa, a favourite jumper or pair of shoes or even your cat, you may be in luck – to celebrate the iconic cooker turning 95, AGA has announced it is to offer a bespoke colour matching service.

There are already 12 gorgeous colours to choose from, but AGA Bespoke offers the chance to create a shade that you’ll love and which will be unique to you.

New AGA Colour Dartmouth Blue

AGA colour Dartmouth Blue

AGA is adding a sumptuous new colour to its range. Dartmouth Blue is reminiscent of the sea and looks fantastic in both traditional and contemporary kitchen

Blues – particularly denim hues – are big news at the moment, with many trends consultants predicting they will be the hot shades for 2017. However, it’s a huge coincidence that we have chosen a beautiful rich blue as the latest AGA colour.

Introducing the Innovative AGA 4-in-1 Tap

AGA 4-in-1 Tap

AGA has long been known for delivering great design, outstanding functionality and, in recent years, cutting edge technology. Now the range has been extended to take in a collection of innovative kitchen taps. The AGA 4-in-1 Tap range offers all the benefits of a kitchen mixer tap but with the addition of PH-balanced, limescale-free filtered cold water and filtered steaming hot water on demand, meaning you can make the perfect cup of tea in an instant.

AGA Unveils Induction Hob Option on 5-oven Dual Control and Total Control Models

Induction Hob on Dual Control and Total Control models

If you love everything there is about AGA cooking but also want the convenience of an induction hob, then here’s some good news. Now, 5-oven AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control cookers come with a choice of the traditional warming plate or a state-of-the art induction hob. This new addition – alongside the trusted boiling and simmering plates – brings a new dimension to AGA cooking.

From the Routemaster to the AGA: Unsung Hero Douglas Scott

Transport for London AGA 60

Two iconic brands and one unsung hero of design come together this May. Transport for London (TfL) and AGA are set to join forces at independent London design show Clerkenwell Design Week (19-21 May) to celebrate the work of Douglas Scott, creator of the classic AGA and the iconic Routemaster. The project will kick off TfL’s year-long celebration of world class transport design, as part of the Transported by Design campaign.