Introducing the New Gas and Electric AGA Stoves

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AGA Ellesmere Electric Stove

If you love the look of a woodburning stove and want to indulge in that cosy warmth, but either live somewhere it’s not possible to install one or don’t want the hassle of having to use solid fuel, then we have the answer.The AGA Ludlow EC5

With the same great design as the AGA Ellesmere and Ludlow stoves – but running on gas or electricity – the latest additions to the collection look fantastic in both contemporary or traditional spaces.

Electric stoves only need a 13-amp supply, so can be plugged in or sited almost anywhere in the home.

The gas models have a real flame and the electric models an authentic flame effect, meaning they look great while keeping you warm and providing a practical, clean and easy way to heat a room. Gas is environmentally friendly because it burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels. It offers controllable power and the Ludlow and Ellesmere ranges have natural gas and LPG models, ensuring they are available for homes in more remote locations where
mains gas is not available.AGA Ludlow

Electricity is increasingly produced from renewable sources so an electric model from either the Ludlow or Ellesmere ranges is perfect for those looking for the cosy comfort a stove offers while also ensuring minimum impact on the environment.

Both gas and electric models offer a powerful output and are programmable too. Both ranges offer models in two sizes and blend contemporary and traditional design to offer clean lines and solid performance.

Each model is manufactured and tested in the UK.

Find out more about our gas and electric stoves here.