Introducing the New AGA 3 Series

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  • AGA 3 Series eR3 100-4i
  • AGA 3 Series Range Cookers
  • Induction hob on the AGA 3 Series range cookers

The AGA 3 Series is designed for busy people who value quality and style, love good food and want a cooker that fits perfectly into their kitchen and their life. induction hob

Flexibility is key to its appeal, as is choice. Each model has an oven that can be set for roasting or baking, a simmering oven and a useful warming oven. Plus, you can opt for a model with handy additional built-in storage space too.

Each 3 Series model has a highly efficient triple-element hotplate, which comes up to temperature fully when the lid is opened. It can be set either to boiling or simmering mode. Next to the hotplate you can opt for either a useful warming plate or a state-ofthe-art, two-zone induction hob complete with bridging feature, allowing you to use a griddle plate, fish kettle or other large cookware.

Cookers in the collection have the essential features every cook relies on and work by using cast-iron radiant heat. Food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better, using this process to retain the food’s natural goodness and flavour. The heat steadily radiates through the ovens and hotplates, creating dedicated cooking zones at pre-set temperatures for ease, convenience and stress-free use.

AGA 3 SeriesHeat is transferred to the cast-iron ovens and released steadily from all the inner surfaces simultaneously. This unique cast-iron radiant heat cooking is an altogether gentler process than the fierce hot air of other cookers and is the reason AGA cooking preserves more of the food’s moisture, flavour, texture and goodness.

Ultimately flexible, AGA 3 Series cookers make light work of everything from a weekday pizza to a full roast lunch for the whole family. However you like to cook and whatever the style of your kitchen, you really can make AGA your way of life.

Prices start from £7865. View the AGA 3 Series range.