How to Cook a Turkey in your AGA

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Raw turkey

The large AGA cast-iron ovens can fit a turkey up to 10kg or 22lbs and we would recommend allowing for 450g (1lb) per serving or 225g (8oz) for boned and breast-only roasts. 


Streaky bacon
1 onion, halved
Bunched of fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, rosemary)

Before Cooking Your Turkey

To prepare your turkey ahead of cooking in your AGA cooker follow these easy steps:

1. Remove giblets and any bagged items from the turkey.

2. Remove the wishbone from the neck of the turkey and add your stuffing. For a simple stuffing mix, simply combine sausage meat, a sautéed onion, breadcrumbs, and thyme - you can use an egg to combine if you wish. Alternatively, you could make individual stuffing parcels to serve alongside your turkey. Place onion in the cavity along with fresh herbs.

3. Butter the breast of the turkey generously and cover with bacon rashers. Place in the large roasting tin.

4. Tent the whole bird loosely with foil to prevent overbrowning. You can remove this for the last 30 minutes of cooking if the skin is not crispy enough. 


AGA Turkey Cooking Times

There are three different AGA roasting methods to choose from, depending on your Christmas day timings and which ovens you will need on the day for all your Christmas dinner elements.

Note that it is important that the internal temperature of poultry should rise from room temperature to 60°C within the first four hours of cooking, which is why we recommend starting the turkey in the hot AGA roasting oven for each method.

Fast Roasting Oven Method

Place your prepared turkey in the AGA roasting tin, on a grill rack if preferred, and hang from the lowest set of runners in the roasting oven or oven on for the time specified below until nicely browned.

Metric Imperial Roasting Time
3.6 - 5.4kg 8 - 12lb 1¾ - 2 hours
5.4 -7.25kg  12 - 16lb 2 - 2½ hours
7.25 - 9kg 16 - 20lb 2½ - 3 hours
9 - 10kg 20 - 22lb 3 - 3½ hours

Medium Baking Oven Method 

Place your prepared turkey in the AGA roasting tin, on a grill rack if preferred, and hang from the lowest set of runners in the roasting oven for up to one hour until nicely browned. Then transfer to the baking oven (or oven on B4 setting) for the additional time specified below. 

Metric Imperial Roasting Time
3.6 - 5.4kg 8 - 12lb 1½ - 2½ hours
5.4 -7.25kg  12 - 16lb 2½ - 3½ hours
7.25 - 9kg 16 - 20lb 3½ - 4½ hours
9 - 10kg 20 - 22lb 4½ - 5½ hours

Slow Simmering Oven Method

Place your prepared turkey in to a large roasting tin without a grill rack and place on the floor grid placed on the floor of the roasting oven (or oven on R8 setting) for up to one hour until nicely browned. Following this, transfer to the floor grid set on floor of simmering oven and allow to cook for the additional time specified below. 

Metric Imperial Roasting Time
3.6 - 5.4kg 8 - 12lb 3 - 5 hours
5.4 -7.25kg  12 - 16lb 5 - 7½ hours
7.25 - 9kg 16 - 20lb 7½ - 10 hours
9 - 10kg 20 - 22lb 10 - 12½ hours

AGA Turkey Crown 

Unless instructed otherwise in a specific AGA recipe, a turkey crown is best roasted in the AGA roasting or baking ovens by the fast or medium methods with the roasting tin on the lowest set of runners. The slow method is not suitable for a turkey crown. 

As they are so dense, it is important to ensure that turkey crowns are thoroughly cooked right to the centre, so we would advise using a meat thermometer. 

Watch AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell Cooking Turkey in an AGA:

For further hints and tips, watch our helpful video with AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell. Naomi explains how best to prepare and roast a turkey in the AGA cooker.


AGA Turkey FAQ's

What size turkey can I fit in my AGA?

The largest sized turkey that will fit the AGA ovens is a 13kg or 28lbs bird.

How do I best cater for vegetarians?

We have some brilliant recipes for alternative vegetarian mains available on our website here, you can also catch up on Naturally Sassy’s recipe for a delicious nut roast here. We would suggest serving all dishes together as some meat eaters might even prefer a vegetarian based main.

What should I serve for a starter on Christmas day?

For a quick starter you could quickly griddle halloumi on the AGA simmering plate. For a more substantial starter, catch up on Naomi Hansell’s guide to canapés here

Do you have any tips for cooking Christmas dinner on a traditional 2-oven AGA?

If you’re cooking on an AGA R5 Series 2-oven model, we would advise following the slow method for your turkey so you can use your hot roasting oven for your roast potatoes and other accompaniments. AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell advises imaging tying your hotplates down on Christmas morning to avoid using them unnecessarily as this might impact on the heat of your ovens. 

What cookware do I need for Christmas cooking?

A large roasting tin for cooking your turkey is essential, we would recommend the AGA for Portmeirion Roaster with Pouring Lid or a Large Roasting Tray with Grill RackHalf-sized roasting tins and baking trays are also super handy as you can fit two on one set of runners in your AGA ovens for cooking multiple dishes at once. The AGA for Portmeirion Mini Muffin tray is also helpful for individual portions or canapés. 

Further Guidance 

You can find further information on preparing ahead and recipes for sides such as roast potatoes, vegetables and vegetarian Christmas alternatives in our Christmas cooking section here.

For a super helpful guide to timings on the big day, take a look at our fool-proof Christmas time plan here