How To Clean An Induction Cooktop

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Cleaning an Induction Hob

We’re guessing that cleaning your induction hob is not on anyone’s list of favourite things to do in the kitchen. But, with very little effort, you can easily keep it looking its best. 

Not only that, as a clean induction cooktop will transfer heat far more effectively, the hob will be far more efficient. It will also be easier to see the guide marks on the hob surface.

Of course, the best way to keep your induction hob clean is to wipe up any spills as soon as they happen, using a damp cloth or sponge. But we know that’s not always possible.

So our simple, step-by-step guide will show you just how quick and easy it is to thoroughly clean an induction cooktop.

What is an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops use magnetic induction to guide electric currents directly to the cookware which, in turn, heats the food inside.

AGA eR3 Series Cooker in Pearl Ashes with Induction Hob

With just the area of the hob in contact with the cookware becoming hot, the rest of the surface remains cool. Cool enough to touch, in fact. This is why induction cooking is so energy efficient.

The best way to clean your induction cooktop

So, are induction cooktops easy to clean? The simple answer is yes - just as easy as cleaning your pots and pans. Just remember to switch off the stove top and wait until it is completely cool before cleaning.

Using a hob cleaner

There are many proprietary hob cleaners available on the market. Just make sure to choose one that is non-abrasive. Or better still, one made especially for an electric induction cooktop.

Step one - with a microfibre cloth, wipe up any loose dirt and food from the cooktop

Step two - apply a small amount of hob cream cleaner to the hob. You really won’t need much. It may also be an idea to double check that the product you’re using is suitable for induction hobs. Now remove any stains from the hob using a soft cloth or soft damp soft sponge 

Step three - wipe any remaining moisture with a soft microfibre cloth, then buff the surface. You may also want to finish the job with a glass cleaner to achieve the perfect shine

Tackling dried-on foods

As a last resort, tough, baked-on food on your induction cooktop can be removed by using a scraper designed especially for the job. However, they should be used carefully, so as not to scratch the hob surface.

Induction Hob and Microfibre Cloth

Hold the scraper at a 30 degree angle, run it gently over any burnt-on residue, using as smooth a stroke as possible, until the stain has gone. Adding liquid detergent to the affected area should help.

Things you shouldn’t use to clean your induction cooktop

As the surface of your induction hob can be scratched very easily, avoid using any caustic or abrasive cleaning products.

Likewise, never clean an induction cooktop using steel wool or a scouring pad. A scratched surface means that  food and spills become embedded. 
You should also avoid using chlorine or ammonia-based products, as these could leave a permanent and unsightly stain on the surface.

And finally

We hope this quick step-by-step guide on how to clean an induction cooktop has proved informative. You can see that it really is simple, and not at all like hard work and, if you’re not using a branded hob cleaner, that it can be done using common household items.

AGA Induction Hob

But don’t forget, the best way by far to keep your induction cooktop looking its best is to give it a wipe as soon as you’ve finished cooking.

We’ve also got information about cleaning other areas of your cooker or range, plus a number of cleaning products which could make the job a whole lot easier.