Gerard Depardieu Shows Us His Gorgeous Kitchen

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Gerard Depardieu Shows us his Parisian Home

Acclaimed actor Gérard Depardieu has transformed a former theatre in Paris into a home that reflects his larger-than-life personality. It is at once a workshop, museum, kitchen and dining room and the focal point is a black 4-oven AGA cooker with an Integrated Module, which sits next to a large solid wood and cast iron bench, shaped by sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s own hands.

“I have always loved cast-iron range cookers,” says Gérard. Nothing, he says, measures up to cast-iron cooking. He likes spending time with his AGA. It is, he says, “the natural link” between today’s cooking and that of the 17th century French chef, François Vatel.

“Cooking with an AGA is fabulous,” he adds, “and allows for little mistakes. And with an AGA, it is so easy to prepare dinner for 10 and still be around for your guests.”