Discover the new AGA R7 Cooker

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AGA R7 150 in Black with dark blue cabinetry

AGA R7 models are perfect for those who love peerless cooking performance but want to save energy and money on running costs.

Powered by electricity, the AGA R7 has three cast-iron ovens that operate as one, creating three distinct cooking zones but with enhanced Control panel on the AGA R7 Series modelcontrollability offering the option to set the ovens to different temperatures.

The cast-iron ovens cook using radiant heat, meaning food tastes better and all the flavour, moisture and goodness is locked in.

AGA R7 cookers ovens are on 24/7 and these cookers feature a clear, easy-to-use control panel and offer four heat settings for flexibility and energy saving, including an economy setting and a high temperature option to provide a boost when you may need it, such as for high volume celebratory cooking.

The cookers are available in 100cm and 150cm models and are designed with ease of use and flexibility at their heart.

They have a boiling plate and a simmering plate which take just 10-12 minutes to heat up and – with the 150cm model – you also have the choice of either a warming plate or an induction hob, plus a slow-cook oven and warming oven.AGA R7 100 in Dartmouth Blue

AGA 7 series cookers are available in 17 gorgeous colours, with prices from £11,450.

• Clear, simple control panel
• Four temperature settings: economy for maximum energy saving; a mid temperature for slightly lower than usual; full-temperature for everyday use; and high-temperature boost for when cooking for a crowd
• Altrashell™ coating to seal the cast iron and make the ovens easier to clean
• Patented, stylish, cooler-touch, removable stainless steel door liners
• AGA-branded stainless-steel handrails

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