Celebrity AGA Owners

A Taste of Sunshine

Chef Ben Tish in his kitchen

It’s a sunny spring morning and we’ve dropped in to see talented chef and food writer Ben Tish at the east London home he shares with his wife, Nykeeta, and their French Bulldog, Piglet, who is full of bounce and character. We find Ben in his new kitchen. So new, in fact, that the builders are finishing touching up the paint on the wall above the sink as we chat.

Mary Berry Shows Us Round Her New Home

Mary Berry's new kitchen

I must have interviewed Mary Berry at least a dozen times and, in a world that seems full of odd twists and turns, there’s something comforting about the cosy domesticity at which she excels. She looks completely at home in her new kitchen, even though she and her husband, Paul, have not yet moved in but have spent the odd night there. Mary is looking to the future, says she is not at all nostalgic about the past and has no qualms about leaving her home of 29 years.

Marcus Bean Talks Family, Cooking, Writing and Running a Cookery School

Marcus Bean

When I ask Marcus Bean how he describes himself, he replies that he is a “chef and dad” and that about sums up his two passions in life: food and family. He lives with his wife Jenny and their children Ella, Ava and Taia in a gorgeous farmhouse in an idyllic village in Shropshire from where the couple run the Brompton Cookery School and B&B. I visit them on a sunny autumn day and the house is a hive of activity.

Anna Friel Talks Balancing Work, Motherhood and Home Renovations

At home with Anna Friel

It’s a dreary, drizzly and cold Saturday morning in February when I arrive on the doorstep of Anna’s Georgian townhouse in Windsor. I’m at the wrong entrance, one she doesn’t use. She pops her head round the door and directs me to the correct one. Running late, dressed in a bathrobe and her face free of make-up, she looks about 12 years old.

Marco Pierre White Tells Why One AGA Cooker is Simply Not Enough

Marco Pierre White at Home with His AGA

From humble beginnings, Marco Pierre White has risen to become one of this country’s most outstanding chefs, with one critic describing his Harvey’s restaurant as a “meteor hurtling down through the firmament.’ Back down to earth, he talked candidly to Laura James about his extraordinary career, his two AGA cookers and his plans for the future.

Catching Up With Mary Berry

At home with Mary Berry

Mary Berry opens her newly published autobiography, Recipe for Life, with the revelation that “in the words of my father, my birth caused no end of trouble”. We soon learn that this was because she arrived two weeks early and on the very day her parents were due to move house. Having known Mary for more than 15 years, I suspect this was probably the first and last time in her 78 years that she caused any trouble for anyone.