CASE STUDY: Why I love the AGA 60: A timeless 60cm cooker

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AGA cooker 60cm in cream

Written by Laura James

If you’re thinking about an AGA but have a small kitchen then the AGA 60 is for you. Yes, it’s small, but it’s also super-capable and offers a truly authentic AGA experience. The first time I encountered an AGA cooker it was the beginning of a life-long love affair. I mean, what’s not to love? Stunning good looks, delicious warmth and amazing food that’s so easy to cook. If the AGA ever found itself on a dating site it would be an immediate swipe right.

In the world of kitchen appliances, few names evoke a sense of heritage, quality and sheer delight quite like the AGA. I grew up in London, so when I found myself living in North Norfolk it took some getting used to. For a start there wasn’t a motorway. Secondly, the county in winter is seriously cold. The phrase my children will associate most strongly with childhood is probably, put another sweater on and go and sit by the AGA.

We stayed in that house for 20 years and one of the main reasons we didn’t move was that I couldn’t bear to leave the AGA. So many of our family memories were made in that kitchen. It’s where the children first learned to cook. Where they struggled with homework. Where they sat to tell us their triumphs and disasters. Whenever I’m asked to conjure up a place I feel warm and safe it is definitely that farmhouse kitchen.

When the children left home, we rattled in the house. So, we rented somewhere small in Norwich to see if we liked city life.

AGA 60cm at Laura's house

Then the pandemic hit, our boys came home, my father died and my mother needed support so we quickly rented a house big enough for us all. It was lovely but was missing a heart. As soon as the colder weather arrived my mother said, “we need an AGA”.

So, in the depths of a cold winter our AGA 60 arrived. It’s easy to think you can’t have an AGA in a rented house, but the AGA 60 is perfect. It’s small – the size of a standard kitchen cabinet – and is on wheels so it was a super-easy delivery. And it runs on electricity so was simple to install. The minute it arrived the atmosphere in the house changed – and not just because the quality of the food improved immeasurably. It’s interesting that many people think you need a big cooker to create amazing dishes, but the AGA 60 is more than capable.

AGA 60 at Laura's house

One of the most compelling features of the AGA 60 is its size. As a 60cm electric range cooker, it fits seamlessly into smaller kitchens, rented homes or city apartments where space is at a premium. But it doesn't compromise on performance. It boasts many of the same multi-functional capabilities as its larger counterparts, offering two ovens – one for roasting and baking and the other for simmering. It also has the traditional AGA hotplate that can be set to boiling or simmering mode.

During the various lockdowns I cooked meals for the five of us up to three times a day. The AGA performed brilliantly. If you’re new to AGA cooking you might not know that the AGA cooks differently.

Its heat-storage ovens use a gentle heat to cook food in a way that locks in all the flavour moisture and goodness, resulting in dishes that are consistent and always delicious.

There really isn’t anything you can’t cook in an AGA, from weekday pizzas to three course meals. From deliciously springy cakes through to perfect porridge or super-quick stir-fries. I can honestly say during the pandemic months the AGA was put through its paces.

AGA 60 oven and hotplate capacity

This compact electric cooker changed how we lived and, because each oven and hotplate can be used independently, we were able to ensure we kept our energy bills in check.

I can’t think of any other household appliance that could bring the family together in the way the AGA did. This 60cm electric oven turned our chilly kitchen into the heart of our home. It’s mix of heritage, craftsmanship and engineering excellence meant we had a cooker that looked stunning, performed brilliantly and put the joy back into cooking.

It sounds a little silly, but the AGA 60 really is more than just a cooker. It’s like having a little friend in the kitchen and it might just be the perfect addition to your home.

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