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Rayburn Ranger in Slate

When Neil and his wife decided they wanted to renovate the kitchen in their red sandstone Victorian home in Scotland, it needed to look great but also be practical for a family of five.

The couple chose a kitchen from MKM Building Supplies. The original kitchen had a traditional look with freestanding units, so they wanted to go for a completely different look. They went for a deep blue for the cabinetry in a modern style. “With our original kitchen we bought the units and tried to make them work with the space,” says Neil. “This time it was more thought through and designed, so it all works together in a seamless way. We weren’t sure if we could fit in an island, but we just about managed it.” The cooking and preparation area works well and with a dining area at the other side of the room it couldn’t be more family friendly. Previously the kitchen layout was unworkable, giving the kitchen a disorganised feel.

Rayburn Ranger in Slate

It was also very cold. The windows and doors didn’t fit well and the floor was poorly insulated. Top of the couple’s wish list was a warm kitchen, so the all-electric Rayburn Ranger® was the perfect choice of cooker. Neil says: “We had the floor up, reinsulated it, and had the doors and windows replaced. The combination of all these things with the gentle warmth coming from the Rayburn has made it a much nicer room to be in. When we saw the look of the Rayburn Ranger® – and the flexibility it offers with the induction hob – I knew it would be good for us.” The all-electric Rayburn Ranger® is known for its flexibility and controllability. It has three large ovens, which can be operated independently, so owners can control the amount of energy they use.

It also has a grill, a large controllable cast-iron hotplate and as it’s an electric cooker, it requires no flue, maintenance or servicing. The look of the kitchen is pared-back and modern, with wood-effect LVT flooring, white metro tiles with contrasting grout and, of course, the Rayburn Ranger® in the stylishly chic Slate colourway. “‘I liked the idea of a bold statement of one of the primary colours,” Neil says, “but we talked about it and agreed to go for something that would blend easily whatever we did with the kitchen. Seeing it in situ, we know we’ve made the right choice.”

When it comes to cooking, the family shares the load depending on who has the most time. “We all enjoy it. One of our sons is really into cooking. We do a lot of pasta and chicken dishes and love steaks cooked on the griddle, which is also great for vegetables like asparagus. The heat-storage ovens – which cook using radiant heat – are brilliant for that kind of slow, gentle cooking, where you chuck it all in a pot and then come home at the end of the day and have a delicious casserole. There’s a real convenience to it.” The couple make great use of the Rayburn Ranger®’s eco-setting. It gives just the right balance of warmth and being ready to go, while also not using energy when it’s not needed. All in all, the cooker had been a huge hit.

Rayburn Ranger in Slate

Neil says: “I like the warmth it gives to the kitchen. I love the design. The look of it. The heaviness of the doors. I like the way we’ve so easily adapted to the way it cooks and how easily it makes such tasty food. The induction hob is fast when you need it but I also love the classic hotplate. It’s just a great, all-round cooker.