The Campaign for Renewable Fuel - Interview with John Weedon

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John Weedon

We chat to John Weedon from oil distributor Mitchell & Webber, who champions ultra-clean HVO (95% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). HVO is fossil-free and can be used to fuel the Rayburn Heatranger 60, 80 and 100 models.

Tell us more about Mitchell & Webber

Mitchell & Webber has been supplying home central heating oil throughout Cornwall & Devon for over 120 years. We were invited to be part of the team for the oil Industry looking at the future of low carbon future fuels.

Rayburn Heatranger LinenIn November 2020 we were the first company in the UK to trial HVO in a boiler. This was so successful that we went on to trial the new renewable fuel at many demonstration sites, with ultimately converting many homes and properties in a village at Kehelland, Cornwall. This first HVO village in Europe has attracted much media and political attention and has helped the industry change government thinking.

How is the UK’s home heating landscape changing?

Consumers are being asked to decarbonise their home heating, but many other technologies are extremely expensive and require disruptive and costly improvements to be undertaken. With a drop-in replacement fuel that is 100% renewable and has the potential to reduce net CO2 by around 90%, HVO should be considered as it will involve minimal outlay to convert the boiler or cooker.

What are the benefits of HVO for consumers?

The main benefit is that the consumer can easily and cost-effectively decarbonise home heating and cooking with a simple switch of fuel. The other benefits are that the fuel is biodegradable, non-toxic, has a long shelf life of over 10 years and will future proof oil-fired appliances.

What results have you found from the homes using HVO fuel and the Rayburn Heatranger?Rayburn Heatranger Blush

Our tests have proven the renewable fuel ensures efficient operation of existing or new oil-fired appliances including the Rayburn Heatranger.  All the trial sites have proved the new fuel operates with no smell and consumers have been delighted with the performance.

How is the Government supporting homes and businesses converting to HVO heating oil?

The Government has agreed to an industry consultation to investigate the introduction of HVO into the heating sector. We’re campaigning for a fuel obligation scheme which will enable a roll out of a renewable fuel. Whilst we have no definitive timescales yet, we are hoping that something can be in place next year.

How can we help in supporting the HVO message?

We must all keep the pressure on the Government and energy department to ensure the consultation work is undertaken as quickly as possible.

To learn more about using HVO in domestic heating, read our blog.