Back by Popular Demand - The AGA in British Racing Green

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AGA eR3 Series 150 in British Racing Green

Re-introduced from the archive, British Racing Green reflects the trend for dark green and a palette in the kitchen inspired by nature.

AGA 7 Series cooker in British Racing GreenGreen is big news in kitchens – from walls to cabinetry, this verdant shade is everywhere. And now, AGA is thrilled to announce it is re-introducing the historic and much-loved British Racing Green as a colour option across most of its model range.

There have been a number of green shades in the AGA palette since 1956, when colours other than the original cream were first introduced. These have ranged from the palest of hues right through to the darker end of the spectrum.

Now, AGA is bringing back its much-loved British Racing Green. Dark greens are a massive interiors trend right now and it’s a colour that works brilliantly with natural wood, white interior schemes and with painted kitchen cabinetry. It also works beautifully with copper, other metals and houseplants.

British Racing Green takes its name from the shade representing the UK within international motor racing. Its heritage can be
traced back to 1903 and the Gordon Bennett Cup held in Ireland. With motor-racing illegal in England at the time, British cars competing in the event were painted shamrock green as a mark of respect.

In the 1920s, Bentley’s entries at the Le Mans 24-hour race all sported a mid- to dark-green. The first recorded use of the darkest green shades was on the Bugatti of William Grover-Williams, driving in the very first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929.

AGA cookers come in a variety of sizes and with myriad functions, including fan ovens and induction hobs alongside the cast-iron radiant heat ovens and traditional hotplates.

British Racing Green will be available to order soon.