The all new AGA eR7 is here

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AGA eR7 Series cooker in Blush

The new, game-changing AGA eR7 is the first model that allows you to choose the oven heat settings, as up until now AGA cookers had ovens pre-set to one temperature. Each AGA eR7 cooker features a capacitance touch-screen control panel from which the roasting, baking and simmering ovens are independently controlled.

The roasting oven has five heat settings, including one at baking temperature and another for fast grilling. The baking oven has four settings, which means it can also be used for everything from baking to simmering, ensuring you can always have each of the ovens set to the ideal temperature.

Such controllability makes AGA eR7 models the perfect choice for those who love great food, enjoy the benefits of radiant heat cooking and who
want a cooker that works well for both weekday suppers and cooking for a crowd.

The AGA eR7 is available in two sizes – 100cm and 150cm. The eR7 150 has an additional hotcupboard with a slow cooking oven and warming oven operated together, but separately from the other ovens, by a switch on the front fascia. The hotplates can be turned on and off independently of the ovens – and each other –and heat up in just 10-12 minutes. With this model you can also choose between an additional warming plate or single-zone induction hob.

AGA eR7 Series cookers are available in 16 gorgeous colours, with prices from £12,695.

• Multiple heat settings for the roasting and baking ovens
• One or all ovens can be switched off to save energy
• Capacitance touch-screen control panel with LED lighting and digital control of the three cast-iron ovens to give more accurate temperature control
• Digital heat indicator for a clear indication when the AGA is heating up and has reached the required temperature
• Special Altrashell™ coating on the cast-iron ovens, making them easier to clean and sealing the cast iron.

Find out more about the AGA eR7 Series cooker here.