AGA Unveils Induction Hob Option on 5-oven Dual Control and Total Control Models

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Induction Hob on Dual Control and Total Control models

If you love everything there is about AGA cooking but also want the convenience of an induction hob, then here’s some good news. Now, 5-oven AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control cookers come with a choice of the traditional warming plate or a state-of-the art induction hob. This new addition – alongside the trusted boiling and simmering plates – brings a new dimension to AGA cooking.

The induction hob – which can be selected to replace the warming plate adjacent to the traditional boiling and simmering hotplates – comes with a host of features designed to make life in the kitchen just that little bit easier. Induction technology uses magnetic fields to create heat at the base of the pan used. It offers significant benefits, including improved energy efficiency, fast response times and increased safety levels – the glass on an induction hotplate remains cooler than, for example, ceramic hobs

Key Features:

  • Touch Control – The induction hob is controlled by a touchscreen panel which is in keeping with the sleek design and the clean lines of the hob itself.
  • Child lock – The control panel can be locked for safety.
  • Pause function – When this button is pressed the cooking function is suspended – perfect for when the doorbell or telephone unexpectedly ring.
  • Timer – This has two functions. An audible signal can be set to sound after a pre-selected time. There is also a basic minute minder operated independently of the induction zone, which can be used, for example, for recipe timings.
  • Automatic settings – Two pre-programmed temperature settings allow pans to be held at 40ºC or 70ºC.
  • Slider control – Easily increase or decrease power levels by sliding a finger along the power section. Includes boost function.

The 5-oven Dual Control and Total Control cookers are the biggest models in the AGA range. They have ovens specifically designed for roasting, baking, simmering, slow cooking and warming and traditional AGA hotplates for simmering and boiling. The new induction hob perfectly complements these functions and is a great addition to today’s busy kitchen.

AGA 5-oven Dual Control