AGA Cooker Hoods in New Colours Will Brighten Any Kitchen

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AGA eR3 Series 90 in Salcombe Blue with matching cooker hood

Traditionally, cooker hoods haven’t been the most beautiful things in the kitchen. They’ve been designed with function very much over form. This all changes with two gorgeous new cooker hoods from AGA.

They are designed to look great and perform beautifully. The two new models are available in either a Slab or Pitched Canopy version and in 90cm, 100cm or 110cm sizes. These A-rated cooker hoods come with remote control, a timer function and four speed options.

The new cooker hoods are available in all 16 AGA colours – from the gorgeous pared-down greys through to vibrant blues, a beautiful blush and traditional cream or black. Whatever the look of a kitchen, there’s a cooker hood in this collection made for it.

No one enjoys cooking in a steamy atmosphere and there’s nothing worse than the smell of a pungent dish hanging around for days. That’s why these cooker hoods are designed to keep the kitchen free of steam and odours without taking up valuable space, ensuring the perfect environment for creative cooking.

The AGA team believes strongly in using honest, hardworking materials to create products that work seamlessly and stand the test of time. It’s why these cookers hoods – which are designed to complement AGA cookers – look great and perform brilliantly, just as you would expect from AGA.

New AGA cooker hoods in a variety of colours

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